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Since 1997, the distinctive B symbol of BPAY has encouraged millions of Australians to pay their bills in a fast, convenient way. This unique system encourages consumers to settle their debts over the internet via their financial institutions. BPAY continues to be the leading bill payment method in Australia today. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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Why Use BPAY?

  • Solid Reputation: In ten short years, BPAY has managed to build itself up into the most well received bill paying method in Australia. Considering the fact that BPAY wasn’t around a decade ago, the fact that over 185 million payments, totaling over $10-billion, were made with BPAY in 2006, is a testimony to this site’s reputation and industry standing.
  • Convenience: Used as an electronic bill payment service, BPAY provides consumers with the option of paying their bills at any time of the day or night, through internet or phone banking. Bills can be paid using any touch phone or computer with internet access, and customers can choose to pay from a check account, a saving’s account or credit card account. This method saves consumers hours of time and energy that is usually spent standing in line to pay for bills.
  • Safety: Because BPAY transactions are processed within the banking system, safety is one thing that customers need not worry about. No individual account details are made available to BPAY during the transactions and only the billers and financial institutions are involved in the actual payment transaction.
  • Cost: Paying bills with BPAY is definitely one of the most cost-effective methods in the industry. Customers are only charged a normal account transaction. As these charges may vary from bank to bank, users should check to see whether there are any costs involved and if so, how much.
  • Quick: The biller will acknowledge the payment of a bill within one business day of the consumer settling the account. This is on condition that the client has paid the bill before its cut-off time.
  • Globally Accessible: As long as the payment is made via an Australian financial institution, consumers can pay their bills from anywhere in the world. For this, they will need to have an account with the participating bank.


It is not for nothing that over 55 million Australians used the internet to pay their bills through this remarkable payment method in 2006. BPAY offers its customers the perfect solution to settle their accounts in a convenient, hassle-free and regulated manner.

Click here to visit BPAY official website.

Posted by CCJ Team