Pago Facil Banking

Pago Facil, which roughly translates from Spanish as Easy Pay, is a finance solutions provider from Argentina, much like Western Union. Their target market is the large sector of Southern Americans who still don't have a bank account. All the company does is act as a middleman to help them pay for goods or services. Let's take a closer look. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

There are three main uses for Pago Facil – paying for bills, recharging phones and making money transfers, or simply the transfers you'd do using your regular bank account. In order to start the process, you'd have to locate the nearest Pago Facil branch. You can do so with the help of the map, which you can find on their site, with over 3,000 marked locations.

From the Pago Facil retail location, your funds will travel to the bank, after which they will transfer to the appropriate facility, whether it's your local utilities provider or your phone operator.

You can also send money using Pago Facil. As always, the process starts with a local branch visit and verification. With the procedures complete, the cash will almost instantly be available in the other retail location chosen by you, ready to be withdrawn by the recipient.

Lastly, the most important use for Pago Facil – online shopping. First of all, you have to find a merchant that accepts Pago Facil as a payment method to continue with your purchase. Along the way, a personalized voucher will be presented, which has to be printed out and taken to the nearest retail location to be paid in cash. The biggest advantage here is that you don't have to own a bank account, although every time you need to pay for your item or service, you have to take a walk.


Pago Facil is a widely used and safe service. However, the company isn't keen on sharing their secrets when it comes to security. That said, a quick background search reveals that they haven't had any major mishaps in the past nor are they publicly known to mistreat their customers.


Pago Facil's money transfers come at a cost. For example, transferring $100 across the country will cost additional $38 in fees. Of course, the larger the amount the cheaper it gets, but still, it's quite costly. The same can be said for other Pago Facil's services – they don't come cheap.


Pago Facil is a Western Union alternative for residents in South America. It doesn’t require users to own a bank account and is accepted in over 3,000 retail locations. Pago Facil can be used for regular money transfers, as well as payments for bills or online purchases.

Click here to visit Pago official website.

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