Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is an exciting alternative form of the extremely popular casino game of blackjack. Blackjack has been around for centuries and is one of the most commonly played table games in a casino. Blackjack is loved for its simplicity, fast action, while still involving quick thinking, strategy and skill.

In order to understand and play blackjack switch, a player must be familiar with regular blackjack rules. Blackjack switch uses the basics of regular blackjack and adds the option of allowing players to switch cards between the two hands dealt to him. The ability to switch between two cards gives the player an obvious advantage over the dealer. However, in order to compensate for this advantage, the dealer is given a few leniencies that he would not usually receive in regular blackjack. Blackjack Switch is available at Playtech powered online casinos.

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Blackjack Switch Basic Strategy Chart

BJ Switch

Blackjack Switch Basics Rules

The basics rules are followed for this alternative version of blackjack, except for some slight changes which alter the entire balance in the game. In this version, a player is allowed to trade a card between two hands. The dealer uses six normal decks containing 52 cards each and the shoe of decks is shuffled before play.

The player is dealt two cards and all the cards in blackjack switch are played face up. A player is dealt two sets of two cards and each hand must be played in turn – first the right hand set and then the left hand set. Before deciding how to proceed in the game (hit, stand, double down or split) a player is given the choice of switching the top two cards in his hand. This move helps the player improve one or both of his hands.

In order to compensate for the fact that the player has been allowed to switch cards, the dealer is also given a few ‘extras’ that are not afforded him in classic blackjack

  • If a dealer asks to be hit and his score results in a 22, the dealer is not considered ‘bust’ but rather the game ends in a push. This means that the player does not automatically win like he would in regular blackjack, but rather the bets are returned to the respective players and a new hand is dealt. This rule does not apply however, when a player has a blackjack. In this case, the player will win. It should be noted that this only applies to a dealer’s score of 22 and nothing higher
  • If a dealer and the player both receive a blackjack, the dealer’s blackjack will win.
  • The switch blackjack dealer will always play the ‘Soft 17’ rule whereby he draws another card if he has a 17 with an Ace.
  • Blackjacks only pay even money, and not 3:2 as in regular blackjack.

Splitting Rules

  • A player may split any pair dealt.
  • If a player splits a pair of Aces and the next card drawn has a value of 10, the hand is not considered a blackjack, even though the total amounts to 21.
  • A player may not resplit on any of the split hands.
  • If a pair of Aces is split, a player is dealt only one more card to each pair and thereafter, the player has to stand.

Double Down Rules

  • A player may only double down on the first two cards.
  • The value of the double down bet must be equal to the amount of the player’s original bet.
  • A player is allowed to double down once he has split.
  • A player may not double down on a blackjack.
  • Once a player has doubled down, only one more card will be dealt and thereafter the player has to stand.

Insurance Rule

If a dealer is showing an Ace, the player has the option of taking an insurance bet. The insurance bet totals to half of a player’s original bet and pays out at 2:1. If the dealer ends up not holding a blackjack then the insurance bet is forfeited.

Other Rules

  • A player must make two equal bets for both hands.
  • All cards are dealt face up in blackjack switch.
  • Dealers must hit on a soft 17.
  • 6 card decks are used.


Blackjack in any shape or form is a classic game enjoyed by millions. There are not many people in the world who have not heard of blackjack and most people have probably tried their luck at the game a couple of times. With the spread of online gambling over the past decade, even more people have been exposed to this brilliant game.

Blackjack switch is an exciting addition to the blackjack family allowing new rules to create a fun and exciting alternative form of the game. With a player given the option to switch their first two cards around, they are able to manipulate their luck and have a greater impact on the outcome of their hand.

Our strategies and rules are solely for entertainment purposes only. Our website encourages players to play responsibly and to realize that over time, the house always wins.

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