Games OS Releases Cash out Fortune Arcade Style Game

Posted on May 21, 2016 by CasinoCashJourney

At a time when many of the world’s top iGaming software developers are focusing on the development and release of innovative 3D video slots, Games OS has released a simple but interesting arcade style game titled Cash out Fortune. This particular game figures to have a great deal of appeal for players who enjoy playing games built around the “wheel of fortune” concept.


Cash out Fortune by Games OS

About Cash out Fortune

Cash out Fortune is built around an oblong game format that features 24 different paying spots. Each spot is identified as one of the following nine different symbols with each symbol carrying its own multiplier: plum – 2X, grapes – 4X, cherries – 6X, gold bowl – 8X, watermelon – 8X, gold crown – 12X, double 8s – 16X, triple bars – either 20X or 48X and the Good Fortune symbol, which initiates a bonus game. Each of the above symbols also comes with a spot that provides an additional 2X multiplier that doubles the win amount.

Cash out Fortune begins with the player placing a wager on the wagering board at the bottom of the screen. For each symbol, the player is permitted to wager between .50 and 150 credits per symbol. Once the wagering has been completed, the player clicks on the play button and the prompt circles the game format until coming to rest on one of the spots. If the player has placed a wager on that particular spot, they win.

Should the prompt come to rest on one of the two Good Fortune spots, the player will be presented with the opportunity to play either the Red or Blue Good Fortune bonus game based on which of the two spots they landed upon. On the Red Good Fortune game, the player will spin the prompt, which is expanded to provide coverage to three spots at a time. On the Blue Good Fortune Game, the player will have five different prompts spinning around the board at the same time, giving them five wins with each spin.

The action does not stop there. If the player lands a payout of between 3X their total bet and 8X their total bet without exceeding the total bet amount, they earn the chance to play a Red or Gold, double or nothing gamble game for the chance to increase their winnings.

This Games OS powered game is well-suited for players who want to relax and enjoy something simple, yet a little different. It should be noted the payouts seem a bit on the small side, unless the player gets the rare opportunity to play one of the bonus games.