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Bluberi is a Canadian gaming company with thousands of cabinets across the US, Canada and Latin America. However, when it comes to online gaming the company is quite new and unknown just yet. In addition to the friendly and cosy working environment and atmosphere that surrounds the company, their team has shown lots of potential to create engaging and quality products that are in match with todays’ standards.  In addition to that Bluberi has its own back end architecture system featuring own jackpot servers and management systems to help operators get the most out of their releases. Click for Bluberi casinos.

Slot Review   Paylines Reels
Burglin Bob 30 5
Conga Party 30 5
Honey Buziness New   Apr 2015 30 5
James Win New Jan 2015 30 5
Jumpin Rabbit 30 5
Timber Jack 30 5


Premium Games

Bluberi has been operational for quite some time so they have developed quite a lot of games and divided them into four categories, one of which is Premium. In this category also resides their latest and possibly the only online video release so far Burglin’ Bob Escape. It’s a 30-payline game with eye-popping 3D-rendered graphics and no less impressive jackpot of 30,000 credits. So far it has received very positive response from both critics as well as players, so if you can’t wait to see their games in action then Burglin’ Bob Escape with its free spins, multipliers and other immersive bonus rounds will do the trick. Help this poor fellow handle the dynamite and tame his equally burglin’ dog.

Another interesting game in this category is named Hot Wings & Beer Touchdown with the chick in the centre of attention, Chicken Spins, Beer Mug Bonus, Happy Hour Bonus and much more. Hit five chick symbols in one go and you’ll win the jackpot!

Conga Party, Cray-Z Night, Johnny and the Black Velvet Quartet, and Johnny Wallet are the other games in the same category. They all have 30 win-lines and are loaded with interesting and unique bonus features. What Bluberi puts lots of attention to in this product category, are the animated game trailers that convey the theme and the storyline behind the product. A lot of work has been put into them and they seem to be worth every second!

Deluxe Games

Bluberi’s Deluxe section can currently boast with eight games, including 30-payliners like Ring the Bell, Turkey in the Straw, Cherries on Fire, Honey Buziness, BBQ Party, Classic Reels with features like Stacked Wilds and Target Jackpot, and Spin Dating Night. Cherry Lotto is the only lotto product on that list and it comes with a Fever Mode, Bonus Wheel, Cherry Ball, Progressives’ Bonus and Extra Balls.

Classic Games

All Bluberi Classics come with Free Spins and Wild features only. They come in English and Spanish, like the rest of the products, but are currently not available anywhere at online casinos. They are: Bells Gone Wilds, Jumpin’ Rabbit, American Beauties Air Force, Cherries Gone Wild, Classic Reels with Stacked Wilds, Gem Factory, Wild Turkey, and Silver Vault.


Some of the slots described above are linked to one of their multi-level progressive jackpots, so there’s a lot to be looking forward to. Don’t wait any longer and give their game(s) a try at chosen operators, such as and, for example.

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