Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack

One of the most popular spin-offs from the game of traditional blackjack is undoubtedly bonus blackjack. This game is much sought after at online casinos where players get to play original blackjack with a bonus option.

Special payouts in Bonus Blackjack ensure that players have a higher edge than in most variations of the game.

Players also have the option of playing multi hand Bonus Blackjack, which will obviously change the house edge.

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How to Play Bonus Blackjack

  • Bonus Blackjack is played with two decks of 52 traditional cards.
  • The player places a bet before having cards dealt.
  • As an American hole card game, the player is dealt two cards face up, while the dealer is dealt two cards – one facing up and one facing down.
  • At this stage, the dealer can peek at his cards if he has tens or aces to ensure that he doesn’t have a blackjack. If he does, his hand automatically wins and the player loses the game and his original bet.
  • In Bonus Blackjack, the dealer has to hit on a soft 17.
  • Players can double down any two cards and double down after a split.
  • In this game, players can split up to three times to form a maximum of four hands. Essentially, this means that players are playing four independent hands of cards, each with the same initial wager amount.
  • In Bonus Blackjack, aces can only be split once and only one card can be used to split an ace.
  • If an ace is split and is used towards making a hand with a ten value card, this is not considered a blackjack. It is counted as 21. A blackjack automatically beats any other hand, including a 21 (split ace and a 10).
  • If ten value cards are unalike (ie. a Jack and a Queen), they can still be split.

Bonus Options

As its name implies, the biggest draw card to Bonus Blackjack is the bonus option available in the game. This is by far the highest paying option in any version of blackjack, with payouts reaching up to 50:1 with some card combinations. The catch to the bonus option is that it is optional and will only reach as high as $25 at most online casinos. To be entitled for the bonus option, players need to place their bets on the jackpot section of the blackjack table before playing. No bonuses will be paid out unless the player places a bonus bet.

If the player gets an ace and a Jack of spades, he gets paid out 50:1. If he gets a Jack and an ace suited, the payout in this instance is 25:1. Any other suited cards get paid out 5:1. Bonus option payouts can vary from casino to casino and it’s worth checking them out before placing any bets.


As can be seen, Bonus Blackjack is an exciting version of the classic game of blackjack. It combines the easy to understand rules of the traditional game with an interesting dimension in the form of bonus payouts. Because these bonus jackpots are optional, players can decide at whim whether to stick to traditional blackjack or try their luck with the bonus feature.

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