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Network Media Services Ltd is a UK-based company that focuses on various affiliate management software solutions. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals in digital marketing with a combined 20+ years of experience in the industries of web-based software development and affiliate marketing. They formed Network Media after realizing the need for advanced affiliate marketing solutions.

The affiliate marketing software solutions that are offered by Network Media are sophisticated, flexible and specifically designed for white-label merchants and operators of affiliate networks. The company offers different types of software based on the industry that it focuses on, including EGASS for online gaming, ETRASS for Forex and Financial Trading, and ERASS for online retailers. Currently, Network Media is being used by over 150,000 affiliate markets across the globe.

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Overview of Products and Services

Fully scalable and flexible, the EGASS software is available in multiple languages, from English and Spanish to Russian and Arabic, making it an ideal solution for affiliate marketers and merchants across the world. The platform has a simple and fast signup process for affiliates, who can create an account and get started immediately.

As a whole, for the affiliates and the operators, the interface is extremely user-friendly, which ensures that even newbies can understand the layout and utilize the functions and features on offer. The EGASS software offers automated trigger emails, text or html emails, real-time system settings, automatic promotions, and multiple detailed user reports with flexible reporting filters.

Affiliate marketers and merchants have three different options to choose from when it comes to the EGASS software solution. The first is a single-layer, full-service platform that consists of cutting-edge technology that allows affiliate marketing businesses to be built and managed, with the opportunity to grow. It includes hosting, software upgrades, data management, content delivery and support.

The second is a multi-layer, full-service platform that provide a complete affiliate program and ensures that you always have full control and management of the program with administrative permissions, while still being able to design and deliver a branded affiliate campaign to clients and partners.

The third is a marketing network solution that enables you the chance to create your very own advertising brand, marketing network and more. You’ll have a number of marketing and advertising tools at your disposal, in addition to a wide assortment of configuration options for full control over the affiliate network.

Popular Clients of EGASS

EGASS is used by a number of iGaming businesses around the world. Some of these include Fortuna, Vera&John, Cyber Club Casino, Casino Agents, Jackpot Luck Casino, Jackpot Joy, Golden Boys Bet Ltd and E-Casino.

What Others Are Saying About EGASS

Current users of the EGASS software commend Network Media for developing a fully scalable, robust and multi-layer platform for affiliate programs. They are satisfied with the fact that reports can be configured to your exact needs and requirements.

Others say that EGASS has surpassed their initial expectations, especially with the flexibility of the software that allows quick and easy integrations and configurations with their existing iGaming systems.


EGASS is an iGaming affiliate marketing solution from Network Media with popular clients like Jackpot Joy and Vera&John. The platform features both single- and multi-layer tools, as well as a network solution, all of which suit different needs and desires.

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