Equity Poker Network (EPN)

The Equity Poker Network (EPN) believes they are sitting on the cutting edge of the future of online poker and casino action. They have developed the first Cooperative poker network that has been designed to bring together online operators in an effort to leverage combined resources into a level playing field and more profitability for each member site.

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Equity Poker Network

What is EPN?

EPN is a non-profit organization founded by Clive Archer and operating out of Costa Rica. The company's charter is to form a group of poker room, casino and sports book operators, who will share the resources provided by EPN and profits. These resources include a software platform, management services (marketing and security) and "Clearing House" services for revenue collection and redistribution. The network is managed by member sites that maintain proportional voting rights based on gambling revenues. Current membership includes heritagesports.eu, PokerHost.com and FullFlushPoker.com.

How Does It Work?

By signing up with EPN, operators agree to pay the network a fixed monthly fee that will be used to cover operating expenses. Note that any surplus funds will be redistributed back to members. In exchange, members are given access to a turnkey, scalable software platform of games for players, and a management organization that will oversee and protect funds while also protecting the customer base for each member site. Members will have the flexibility to determine their own rake percentages, bonus programs and tournament schedules.

Important Rules and Regulations

After joining the EPN, each member operator is required to abide by the network's rules and regulations. Some of the most important rules:

Shark Tax - In an effort to provide a fair gaming experience for all players, member sites are encouraged to recruit more "casual" players versus hard-core players or "sharks". The theory is that casual players reload more often bringing in more revenues and cash flow into the network, whereas sharks often win, creating less cash for the poker pool. Members who fail to draw casual players based on stated objectives will be charged a Shark Tax that gets redistributed to members that comply.

Poaching Players - As a disincentive to poach players from other members, profits for all players will be distributed to the site which originally recruited them.

Leaving the Network - Members are permitted to leave the network, but agree to do so only at previously determined points in time.

Software Platform

The proprietary software program was purchased from Playsafe Holding AS. The platform includes management tools for customization (games, bonuses and wager tracking), security to protect player information and funds (SSL encryption and fraud tracking), and games. The games include poker formats such as 7-card stud, Texas Hold'em and Omaha, and casino games such as slots, craps, roulette and blackjack. Sports books can be easily integrated onto the software platform.

Clearing House

The Clearing House is responsible for holding all member funds to assure that funds are always available to pay players on each site, and that funds are always available for profit distributions across operator lines.


Equity Poker Network not only provides operators with a Norwegian poker software, but is the first and only Cooperative poker network. This is a novel approach, but operators like Full Flush, Poker Host and Heritage Sports are already in on the system and profits.

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