In the Comoros Islands, a sovereign island nation located in the Indian Ocean, Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd has been founded by the Offshore Finance Authority (OFA) to act as the sole agent responsible for the issuing of online gaming licenses to offshore iGaming providers. See the full review below. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Click for a list of all jurisdictions.

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Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd

About Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd

Back in mid 2000s, the government in Comoros made the decision to actively recruit commerce from offshore business concerns. Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd was formed to provide all application reviews and licensing services for companies that show an interest in bringing business and commerce to the island.

Its primary function is the licensing of offshore entities in the following industries: international banking, insurance, online gaming and brokerage. For the online gaming industry, the government also passed the Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 in order to legalize online gambling within the nation's boundaries. The company's operations are fully authorized and regulated by the OFA.

The Application Process

As should be expected, Anjuoan requires that interested parties comply with a list of requirements in order to receive a gaming license. The first requirement is the legal establishment of a Comoros business entity.

Once the entity has been establish, it will be able to offer iGaming services (lottery, casino, horse racing, sports betting, Bingo) under as many different sites and brand names as desired. The other major requirement for licensing is the submission of an application. Under guidelines established by the Gaming Board, the following information must be included with the application.

For individuals:

1. Proof of identity (certified copy of passport, national ID card, or a valid drivers' license). All items must be certified by a legal authority such as a notary, banker or local attorney.

2. Provide proof of residency (utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement)

3. Banking reference

4. Certificate of Morality (proof of having no criminal record in Comoros or abroad).

For Corporations:

1. Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation (certified by legal authority)

2. Partnership Agreement or Act de Société (certified by legal authority)

3. Banking reference.

Once the application and related requirements have been submitted, the information is set under review by the Gaming Board.

If approved, a fee is required and a license is issued. Unlike other jurisdictions, the computer server and bank clearing account can be maintained anywhere in the world.

It is important to note that the nation's iGaming regulations are pretty lax, providing very little protection for players. To date, there would appear to be no more than one or two sites that are solely licensed in Comoros.

For more information on license types – including banking services, brokerage, finance and insurance – and additional services see the official Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd site.


The Comoros Islands, which are located in the Indian Ocean, offer gaming licenses through the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority or Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd. Such services are regulated by the Betting and Gaming Act 2005 that applies to online gaming, sports betting, lottery and bingo.

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