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Ongame Network, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the oldest and most established businesses in the online gambling industry, having being launched in 1999. It was founded by two Uppsala University students named Claes Lidell and Oskar Hornell. In this year, the company created the first poker game for, one of the most popular and successful poker networks in the world. Through its network of approximately 20 operators, the company has around 27,000 poker players playing simultaneously at peak times. The company boasts 12 million registered users through its Ongame Network partners – an impressive number in its seven-year history.

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Ongame Network

Ongame Poker

In November 2006, due to the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States, Ongame Network was forced to close its doors to players from the United States. This was done after much thought regarding the legal implications of staying in the U.S. market. The company continues to direct its marketing attentions to other global markets such as Europe.

The company is well known for its superiority in the poker field, although it has also developed a line of top-quality casino games for gamblers and players. Ongame Network creates downloadable software, and also uses Java technology, making its poker games accessible to Linux and Macintosh users – a distinct advantage in the online gambling world today.

Ongame Network is considered one of the leaders in the field today due to the speed of its games, exciting 3D graphics, added features and unique game concepts and characters, plus the fact that it supports over 15 languages – making it a truly globalized company.

Poker Software

Ongame Network can truly be considered to be one of the pioneering companies in the field of online poker. Since creating its first poker game in 1999, the company has continuously kept abreast in the industry, leading the way with new and innovative poker software and an uncanny ability to predict where the market is going next. It is no surprise then that Ongame Network is considered among the top three poker software providers in the world today.

Ongame Network provides its players with a diverse variety of poker games, including the popular Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha, 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud. All of these poker variations are available in no limit, pot limit and fixed limit format to ensure that everyone finds a niche off Ongame Network’s poker platform.

Thanks to the popularity of Ongame Network’s software, online poker rooms that carry this company’s product are always full, with games and players available around the clock to ensure exciting poker action all day and all night. Players have the ability to set up their own password-protected tables and customize their games to make for a truly individual and unique gaming experience. Top of the range security ensures that players are protected against fraud and collusion, providing a safe gaming environment.

Ongame Network works to ensure that players from around the world are connected in every way possible. In game chat systems and multilingual support means that players get to become part of a great online poker gambling community.

PC, Linux and Macintosh users can access Ongame Network’s Java-based poker software directly from an internet browser or a Windows-based version can be downloaded directly onto the client’s personal computer. This essentially means that the company’s poker software can be accessed by a huge majority of the player market – explaining the fact why over 12 million registered gamblers enjoy this company’s products and why it is such a popular choice among poker players – amateurs and professionals alike.

Casino Games

Ongame Network’s casino games were created as a superior addition to the company’s poker line, to be enjoyed by players searching for top quality and varied software. All the company’s casino games are played directly off the internet, with no download necessary – making for quick, convenient and instant entertainment using Java technology. Ongame Network’s casino games ensure ongoing social activity through buzzing chat rooms and multi player features. Added features include video modes, jackpots and extremely attractive interface. The function keys on all Ongame Network’s games are convenient to use. The company pays attention to the finest of details, including comprehensive statistics, full-screen options, attractive four color decks and color-coded markers for players. Avatars can also be turned off if players find them too distracting.


  • Played with two decks.
  • Inter round reshuffle.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.
  • Excellent graphics.


  • Features dealer comments.
  • Players can throw the dice by themselves.
  • The choice of normal or fast tables.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.


  • Offers players a choice between American or European roulette wheels.
  • Close up views on wheel spins.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

Caribbean Pirate Poker:

  • Progressive jackpot feature.
  • Provides simple rules.
  • A good draw card for newcomers to the poker world.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

Millennium Ride:

  • Based on the popular poker casino game “Let it Ride”.
  • Played against the casino and not against other players.
  • Appealing features to newcomers to the game of poker, such as a particularly slow pace and the possibility to pull back two out of the three bets.
  • A Royal Flush pays out 1000-1
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

 Pai Gow Poker:

  • A popular Asian-based variation of poker.
  • Players need to beat the dealer’s hand twice within the game.
  • 53 cards used and one Joker.
  • Side-bet feature pays out 8000-1.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

Deuces Wild:

  • A popular video poker game.
  • The twos (aka deuces) are the wild cards and can be substituted for any other cards to make up winning combinations.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

A Jack’s Quest:

  • A Jack’s or Better variation.
  • Players choose to bet between one and five coins and play 1, 3, 5 or 10 hands.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.

Asgaard Slots:

  • As the name implies, a slots game with a Viking theme.
  • A popular five reel video slot game.
  • Bonus feature known as ‘Thor’s Hammer’.
  • Web-based and Macintosh compatible.


Ongame Network is synonymous with successful tournaments and players systematically seek out its exciting poker events. Some of the great attributes of the company’s tournaments include extra large prize pools, a wide game selection, and several other unique features. Daily tournaments are held at online poker rooms that are powered by Ongame Network. Players thus enjoy the opportunity to win on a continuous basis at tournaments that suit their skill level and bankrolls.

Mobile Gaming

Ongame Network takes gambling into the twenty-first century with top technology in the mobile gaming field. Players can play for real money in the company’s entire network, safe in the knowledge that their gambling is secure and as risk free as possible, thanks to Ongame Network’s anti-collusion software for which a patent is pending. The company stops at nothing to ensure that their players are protected and use 128-bit encryption on all transactions and the same intensity of security as Ongame Network’s internet software.

The company specializes in two fields – Mobile Blackjack and Mobile Poker. Despite their compact size, these devices have top quality graphics, affording players different views of their games, user-friendly features and the same unique extras as their internet counterparts. Mobile gaming allows players extreme versatility, with the opportunity to play their favorite games anywhere, and anytime – whether at home, in the office or even on the beach.


It can safely be said that Ongame Network is one of the leading companies for digital entertainment in the industry today – offering solutions to all gaming experiences, ranging from Java games to wireless Internet devices. The company also handles sales, development and marketing on a global scale, seeking multilingual approaches and encouraging social interaction through its many chat features. Ongame Networks puts its players’ safety and enjoyment above everything else and continues to develop games that come with a stamp of trustworthiness, user-friendliness and superiority.

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