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Designed by Quality Unit, Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is one to the leading affiliate software programs on the market today. Founded in 2004, Quality Unit is a company that specializes in software development and technology. They strive to ensure that they not only create a product that people will love and benefit from, but that they are available from start to finish for their customers, as well as after the project has been realized for continuous customer support.

With locations in both Slovakia and New York, Quality Unit markets PAP as being effective, fast and expandable, which makes it an indispensable component of any affiliate marketing campaign. It is ideal for recruiting and managing affiliates, as well as tracking referrals, commissions, clicks, payouts and more.

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Post Affiliate Pro

Overview of Products and Services

With Post Affiliate Pro, you will receive an interface that is fully customizable based on your individual preferences of viewing. Plus, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or new to the affiliate world, the interface is extremely simple to use.

In fact, it is very similar to that of a standard computer desktop, as it comes with a start button, sidebar, menu, quick launch and numerous gadgets – all of which will enhance your experience with the PAP software.

Users can utilize the software to set up an affiliate program from scratch in mere minutes and have access to heaps of simple built-in scripts, plug-ins and more.

One of the best things about Post Affiliate Pro is that the software is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This means you can keep track of real-time affiliate traffic and other related information while on-the-go. On both your smartphone and desktop software, you always have access to various reports so that you can keep track of how well you are performing or how well your affiliates are doing. These reports can be viewed in multiple formats, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

As your affiliate business grows and your affiliate traffic increases, it is easy to expand your PAP software. All it takes is adding a plugin or two, upgrading to a higher version of the software, or getting in touch with Post Affiliate Pro to design a tailored software solution for your specific needs.

Popular Clients of Post Affiliate Pro

Some of the most prominent clients that currently use and are proud to be customers of Post Affiliate Pro include SportsEvents365,,,,, Play Logic Games and Freeslots77.

What Others Are Saying About Post Affiliate Pro

There are numerous positive reviews of the PAP software. Some current users of PAP say that it is one of the most advanced tools that they have used for their affiliate marketing and management efforts. This is primarily thanks to the ample amount of features that come standard with the software.

Some are impressed by the extent to which the software and interface can be customized to their individual specifications and needs. Many are very satisfied with the friendly and exceptional customer support that PAP and Quality Unit offers.


Post Affiliate Pro is one of the many affiliate tracking programs with customizable interface, real time sales tracking, mobile support and additional important features. It comes with Basic, Pro and Ultimate packages, which iGaming affiliates have already successfully implemented.

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