Triple 7's Blackjack

Triple 7's Blackjack

Triple 7s Blackjack is a variation of the traditional game of blackjack (or 21) with several minor changes. It is considered a wildly popular version at online and offline casinos due to the high bonuses offered if players come up with certain card combinations. This adds an exciting element to an already-challenging game.

Essentially, players stand in line to win the jackpot if they obtain a hand with a Triple Seven Diamond. It is important for players to familiarize themselves with the rules of Triple 7s Blackjack before playing the game for real money.

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How to Play Triple 7s Blackjack

  • Triple 7s Blackjack is played with two traditional packs of 52 cards each.
  • The player is dealt two cards faced up. In this version of blackjack, the dealer’s two cards are also dealt face up. This fact alone should ensure that the player is at a tremendous advantage, however certain other rules in this version of blackjack make it more difficult for the player to win in the long run and bring down the edge.
  • The dealer has to stand on 17 and draw on 16.
  • Splitting rules: Splitting is allowed in Triple 7s Blackjack, as well as resplitting and the resplitting of aces. No blackjack is paid after splitting.
  • One of the rules of Triple 7s Blackjack that is disadvantageous to the player is the fact that he can only double on 9, 10 and 11 and cannot double after a split.
  • Do not split 7s as any bonuses are automatically eliminated if sevens are split.
  • There is no surrender option in Triple 7s Blackjack.
  • The blackjack payoff is 3:2 and players get their money back if there is a draw.

Triple 7s Blackjack Bonus Options

Most casinos offer a Triple 7s Blackjack jackpot that makes this game a popular choice among players. Some casinos will allow players to place as much money as they want into the jackpot while others insist on a single currency unit with every round. If a player gets a Triple 7 Diamond hand, he wins the jackpot. It is always a good idea to find a Triple 7’s table with many players, as there is more chance of winning the jackpot if it has been running longer.

A player will be paid out a bonus for any seven in his hand and will win more if he wins the round.

Typical bonus payouts in Triple 7s Blackjack are as follows:

  • For a single seven in the hand: 5:1
  • For a pair of unsuited sevens: 25:1
  • For a suited pair of sevens: 50:1
  • For triple sevens: Depends on the casino


For players that are after big scores, Triple 7s Blackjack might not be the right choice for them, simply because the chances of being dealt a seven, is 8 in every 100 hands. However, the bonus payouts add an exciting dimension to the traditional game of blackjack and this can be seen by the huge volume of players who seek out this game at casinos.

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