5 Line Bingo

5 Line Bingo

This form of Bingo is also called Swedish Bingo. It is another of the many variations of Bingo available online. Even if you have a favorite type of Bingo, the many variations can give a much-needed change of pace. And who knows? Maybe 5-Line Bingo will become your favorite!

The game is fast-paced. Part of the appeal is the fact that the game doesn't end until all numbers are covered. Every site runs its own tournaments which are explained on the site.

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How the Game is Played

The game is played on a standard 5x5 Bingo card, but there is no free square. However, the game is more like 90-ball Bingo than standard 75-ball Bingo. Players try to make a single row for the first bingo. Then they try to make two rows and so on until someone completes all five rows.

Because the card is the standard 5x5, the numbers are called out as in standard Bingo. At least one site calls the numbers by their "nickname" first, then the actual number. Disconcerting to say the least!

Before the Games Begin

What to do before the game starts:.

  • Players usually can customize their cards, choosing which numbers they want and where they want them on the card. Of course, a number that belongs to "B" must be placed in the first column, the same applying to every column.
  • Players can also determine how many seconds will elapse between numbers so they have enough time to mark the numbers on their cards.

Variations in the Rules

There are many variations of 5-Line Bingo online:

  • Most sites require a single horizontal line as the first bingo. Some allow a vertical line as well and some allow a diagonal line.
  • Most sites play for one line, then two etc. enabling five winners in each game. Others play one line, then three lines, then five lines.
  • Some sites call a maximum number of balls (usually 22 or 23) for the first bingo. If there is no winner they go on to the next set of numbers (usually 44, 45, or 46) for the second bingo, and so on, for the third bingo. The number of balls called never reaches 75 so it is theoretically possible that no one will win.


Swedish or 5-line Bingo is another of the many different kinds of Bingo games available online. Its speed appeals to many players, explaining why its popularity is growing.

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