50-Ball Bingo

50-Ball Bingo

In the past, gaming software developers and online bingo halls scrambled to provide bingo enthusiasts with the latest gaming action in the form of a relatively new game called 50-ball bingo. Astute online bingo hall owners/operators have come to recognize the importance of adding new games in order to keep players motivated and excited. With that said, 50-ball bingo is the latest addition to the games library for many bingo network sites.

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How to Play 50-Ball Bingo

As with any bingo game, the player starts by purchasing a ticket(s) for 50-ball bingo from the bingo lounge. The ticket prices will vary from casino to casino as will the minimum guaranteed prizes per game. Tickets can be purchased for multiple games at the same time.

50-ball bingo is played with 50 balls numbered in consecutive order from 1-50. The maximum amount of tickets purchased for a game is also limited. Each ticket displays 10 numbers. The numbers are arranged in two rows of five numbers each. In order to be deemed a winner, a person must be the first player to fulfil one of the game's two primary objectives (each game has two ways to win).

Single Line - The objective here is to be the first player to blackout one of the two horizontal rows displayed on the ticket. That's requires hitting all five numbers.

Full House - The objective here is to be the first player to blackout all 10 numbers showing on the ticket.

Whether a player actually marks up their tickets or not, winners are tracked automatically by the game's software. Fifty-percent of the prize money is awarded for each of the two winners on any given game unless otherwise noted within the game's rules.

General Rules of 50-Ball Bingo

While rules may vary slightly from one online casino to the next, there is a set of general guidelines players can anticipate when they choose to play 50-ball bingo.

1. Multiple winners will be paid for each objective should each of the "winning" players meet the game's objective at the same time. In such a case, the prize money will be distributed equally among all the winners.

2. A single person is eligible to win multiple times on a single game should they have multiple winning tickets that hit at the same time.

3. Some online casinos will offer an additional prize for players who meet the game's objectives within a specified number of balls called, usually around 19 balls. This is usually a progressive jackpot.

4. If any game is interrupted due to malfunction, the game shall be deemed null and void with all monies refunded.

For players interested in trying this new bingo offering, 50-ball bingo is now available through many of the top bingo networks currently found online. This includes Cozy Games, which are most likely to have it on their sites and Dragonfish (888), to name a few. Players are encouraged to read each site's rules prior to playing in order to avoid any confusion or unwarranted disputes.


Online bingo operators are expanding their product line slowly but steadily and the speedier 50-ball bingo, which is made up of 2 rows and 5 columns, is one of the latest additions. There are two ways to win in this game and if you do that in a certain amount of calls the progressive jackpot is yours.

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