52-5 Bingo

About 52-5 Bingo

In a revolutionary new form of anything, something significant needs to be different. In 52-5 bingo, players are not banking on the right bingo ball to pursue the caller's lips. Instead, the game requires the use of a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. That's four suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades), Deuce through Ace, without the jokers. As the cards are randomly flipped, the value of the card is announced, and the players cover the appropriate spot on their playing. This makes this game fun and easy to play.

The Rules

Prior to the start of a bingo session, players are required to purchase their bingo cards. In fact, the bingo cards are referred to as hands in 52-5 bingo. Each bingo card or hand has five playing cards listed on it.

There is only one covered pattern that will lead to a win. That is achieved by covering all five of the playing cards listed on the hand. This is referred to as getting a "full house." Just like when playing 75-ball or 90-ball bingo, there can be multiple winners at the same time. Note that players are permitted to play multiple hands during any given game. In many cases, the maximum number of hands per game is set at around five per player.

Playing the Game

In some cases, the winning value of a particular 52-5 bingo game will be predetermined by the bingo site. In other situations, the winning value is determined by the number of hands purchased by the participants with the house getting their usual cut. On occasion, the house may decide to tack on an extra bonus for promotional purposes, including a progressive jackpot. If that’s the case, then the additional jackpot pool may be yours within a certain amount of calls, only. The cash prize is announced before the start of the game with the first person or persons who get a full house splitting the cash.

During the online game, missing a call or two is not an issue as the bingo room usually includes a tracker, no matter what the provider. Its purpose is to keep track of the cards turned in the order that it occurred. This allows players the opportunity to look at the indicator and get caught up quickly.

In the future, 52-5 bingo enthusiasts can look forward to the game evolving. As the game increases in popularity, it is almost assured that many of the top online bingo sites will hold special promotions and perhaps more bingo developers – like Cozy Games and Leapfrog Gaming – will start offering it on their many white label bingo sites.


52-5 Bingo is a mix of bingo and card game, featuring a 52-card deck and up to 5 hands or cards, at least one of which must be covered to win the guaranteed or progressive full house prize, by one or more players at once.

Posted by CCJ Team