90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is a variant that is prevalent in the United Kingdom, and further across Europe. It is the staple form of bingo played in land-based bingo rooms in the UK, and – in the last decade or so – in UK-facing online bingo rooms.

90-ball bingo is one of the most popular games played on the internet today, thanks to the advent of online bingo rooms and the many features being made available to players to make their gaming sessions simple and convenient. Perhaps some of the best features to be introduced in recent years are the pre-purchase option and the auto-daub feature.

This means that players are able to buy their tickets before the game begins and they do not even have to be present at the bingo site when the game is being played out as the numbers are daubed automatically by the system. While it’s probably more fun to be present at the site, many players have such as busy life-style that they cannot be present all the time, and these features allow them to benefit from the winning potential, without having to be physically present when the game is being played out. Games are also available 24/7, with great graphics, fun chat features and customer support around the clock.

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The 90-Ball Bingo Card

The 90-ball bingo card, or ticket is essentially made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row has five numbered squares, with each row also containing four blank squares. The numbers on the card range from one through to ninety and there is no ‘free’ square, as there is on a 75 ball bingo card.

The 90-ball bingo call board is similar to its North American cousin, except that it contains six rows of 15 numbers, in order to cover the 90 possible numbers that could come up in a game.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Playing online 90-ball bingo is practically always done by purchasing a strip of six tickets. This strip usually contains all 90 numbers that are distributed randomly across the six tickets. This means that for every ball called, one number can be marked off on any of the six tickets as it appears only once on the strip.

  • In most 90-ball bingo games, players are able to vie for three prizes that are up for grabs, with the aim being to daub numbers on the lines as they come up.
  • A first line win, will see the player daub all five numbers on any of the three lines available.
  • A second line win will reward for daubing all ten numbers on any of the two lines available, while a full house win will pay out for daubing all the numbers on the bingo ticket.
  • Some bingo rooms will reward bigger prizes for players who manage to win all three ways on their card, while others offer progressive jackpots for the three win levels.
  • The bingo caller calls the numbers in a random order and the player matches them on the ticket or tickets until a line or card is covered. If more than one player lands a win, the prize is split equally.
  • The price of 90-ball tickets varies according to the bingo room or site, with players being able to find anything from free bingo to more extravagant choices!


90-ball bingo is probably the most popular variant of the game played online and at traditional bingo rooms, both for its simple rules, as well as for the top prizes that are offered.

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