Casino Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

    Casino Affiliate FAQ has put together an affiliate marketing FAQ list to give answers to the most frequently asked questions about online casino affiliate marketing. Click for reviews on over 300 casino, bingo and poker affiliate programs.

  • What is an affiliate or webmaster?
    An affiliate or webmaster is a company or person which sends visitors to a website in exchange for commissions.

  • What is an affiliate program?
    An affiliate program is a type of partnership between an online merchant and a website owner where the online merchant compensates the website owner for any leads or revenue generated through the merchant's links/banners on their website. Affiliates are paid a commission every time a customer is referred through your website and generates revenue for the merchant.

  • How does an affiliate program work?
    When you join an affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID or tracking code for the merchant your promoting. Your affiliate ID allows the merchant to track your customers when they click-through a banner or link on your website. If the customer goes on to register an account with the merchant, you can earn a commission every time that customer plays for real money.

  • How do you become an affiliate?
    You will just need to fill-in an online application form and in most cases, wait to be approved or accepted for each affiliate program you join. Then you will need to send traffic to the merchants of the affiliate program using your tracking ID's.

  • Do you need a website to get started?
    Most affiliate programs do require that an affiliate is operating live website. A website is an vital tool for an affiliate to attract customers. While there are offline forms of marketing, a website is one of the best tools. A website also shows the affiliate program that you are serious about becoming an affiliate.

  • What is an Affiliate Manager?
    An Affiliate Manager looks after an affiliate program and helps affiliates in generating more revenue. They are also there to assist with any questions or marketing tools needed.

  • What is a real money player?
    A real money player is a customer who is attached to your affiliate ID and has made the minimum required deposit..

  • What is commission?
    Commission can be a percentage of the sales or revenue generated by your website, or, it can be a fixed fee. The commission paid varies by program. Most programs offer following commission structures: revenue share, CPA, CPC or hybrid.

  • What is revenue share?
    With this type of commission, an affiliate is paid a certain percentage of sales or revenue (usually excluding processing fees, bonuses, etc) generated by customers whom the affiliate refers by your website or various advertising methods.

  • What is CPA?
    CPA means 'cost per acquision'. With this type of commission, an affiliate is paid a guaranteed amount for every customer you refer who becomes a real money player. CPA is also referred to as 'bounty'.

  • What is CPC?
    CPC refers to 'cost per click'. With this type of commission, an affiliate is paid for a single click on its banner or link that brings one visitor to its website.

  • What is hybrid?
    A hybrid commission is a combination of revenue share and CPA.

  • What is a click-through?
    A click-through refers to the action a customer takes when they are referred from a website through a banner or link and is taken to another website.

  • What is CTR?
    CTR refers to 'click-through rate'. The click-through rate can be determined by dividing the number of clicks by number of impressions the banner received.

  • What is a unique visitor?
    This refers to a statistic describing a unit of traffic to a website, counting each visitor only once in the time frame of the report.

  • What is an conversion rate?
    The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action from a click-through. The action that determines conversion is determined by the merchant and may be a sale or revenue on the merchants website.

  • What is an impression?
    This refers the viewing of a banner or link on the affiliate's website.

  • What is no-negative carryover?
    Any negative balances are reset to zero to start each month. This is also referred to as 'no-negative rollover'.

  • What is bundling and how does it affect the Affiliate?

    Let’s say you promote many casinos within a program, and one month is bad for one of those casinos. In an affiliate program that applies bundling, you will be penalized for that negative casino by having accounts with positive balances reduced to cover the loss of the negative casino.

    When do affiliates get paid?
    Most affiliate programs pay automatically on a monthly basis when a minimum threshold amount has been earned. Others pay on a quarterly basis and some have the affiliate invoice the affiliate program.

  • How do affiliates get paid?
    Most affiliate programs offer several payment options like: check, bank wire, e-wallets (Moneybookers, EcoCard, etc) or pre-paid debit card.

  • How do affiliates keep track of their referrals and earnings?
    Most affiliate programs have an online reporting interface area where you can monitor your daily traffic, earnings and referrals by logging in with a username and password.

  • What is a sub-affiliate or tiered program?
    A sub-affiliate is someone who joins a two-tier affiliate program after being referred to it by another affiliate. So along with earning commissions on your own sales or revenue, you earn commissions on sub-affiliate sales too. Some programs offer a 2 tier model just mentioned while others feature a multiple tiers program. This means an affiliate gets paid for the affiliates they recruit, but they also get paid on all the affiliates that this particular affiliate recruits, and so on.

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