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4B Card is a product that’s part of the Sistema 4B European card scheme. Established in 1974 by three Spanish banks – Banco Central, Hispano Americano, Banco Español de Crédito and Banco Santander – it now operates over 12,000 4B cash dispensers and close to half a million of point of sale terminals. Sistema 4B is also a licensee and aggregator of the international Visa Europe and MasterCard brands, including debit and credit cards. To date there are 19 financial institutions that issue the cards. Here’s what you need to know about 4B Card, at a glance. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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4B Card

How It Works?

There are over 20 million 4B Cards in circulation, both in Spain and abroad. You can apply for their MasterCard or Visa at any branch of a 4B member bank, which as of today, there are 19 in total. Among them are Banco Santander, Banco Popular Español , ING Direct, Banco Cetelem and more. This includes debit cards like 4B-Mastercard, 4B Maestro, Visa 4B, as well as credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Affinity.

You can use them to make cash withdrawals and balance and transaction inquiries using cash dispensers, which account for over 20% of the total number of cash dispensers operating in Spain, as well as on other national networks, such as ServiRed and Euro6000. The Visa and MasterCard cards can be used anywhere in the world where the logos are displayed.


For Sistema 4B security and fraud protection is paramount like to any other company of its kind.  In addition to that, the cards are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For additional peace of mind, according to Security and Fraud Prevention info, “99.96% of transactions performed using the 4B network correspond to the cardholder, thus confirming the system's security.”


Since Sistema 4B doesn’t deal with the end customer directly, any fees or additional charges depend on the financial institution that issues the card. As the system is designed to reduce operating costs for banks, you can expect the same fees as usual. Upon making payments on a site, make sure you read the fine print to ensure you’re aware of any additional charges by the seller or operator.

For help, Sistema 4B has a centralised 24-hour customer care service that you’re welcome to use as well.


4B Card is part of the Spanish card scheme Sistema 4B, which has grown into a network with over 12,000 cash dispensers and close to half a million of point of sale terminals. The 19 member banks issue credit and debit Visa and MasterCards.

Click here to visit 4B Card official website.

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