ClickDirectPay is one of the newer e-wallets developed by GM Capital Management Inc. Due to ClickDirectPay’s bold new look at convenience It's currently more suitable for customers from Germany and Austria, as well as Italy, Spain Greece and the Netherlands. See the rest of the review below to understand how their system works. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

From the customer's point of view, ClickDirectPay works as a buffer between your bank and the merchant. This is not an e-wallet where you can actually store cash, rather just a way to get a level of anonymity. And you don't have to create an account in order to use it: all that’s needed is to select your bank, log in via ClickDirectPay and release the funds. That said, the biggest question that arises now is whether it's safe or not.


Since ClickDirectPay is an interface between your bank and your merchant, they require all the information in order to make a transaction, including your PIN and TAN numbers. The company claims that they do not store any sensitive information. To that end, their Privacy Policy gives the best overview for additional peace of mind. In short, neither their employees nor merchants should be able to access your data. In addition to that, ClickDirectPay is also compliant with the strict privacy policies of the Federal Data Protection Act and EU data protection laws.

If it's the third-parties accessing your information that concerns you the most, then ClickDirectPay has this covered as well. First of all, every bit of data is encrypted using SSL encryption, which is a standard in the banking sector. So in conclusion, ClickDirectPay is a safe choice.


So what all this convenience and anonymity is going to cost you? The good news is that as a customer, no additional fees apply. However, merchants do have to pay a small cut to utilise their interface.

Your first transfer using ClickDirectPay will result in automatic verification to determine whether your account balance will cover the transfer amount. However, if you've had a successful transfer in the past 30 days, this check will not be conducted. Therefore regular ClickDirectPay users benefit from faster transfer times.

In conclusion, ClickDirectPay is great for users who are looking for an alternative to managing their e-wallet account and a more convenient way of paying using their funds stored in the bank.


ClickDirectPay is a payment method that allows users to do online banking quickly and easily on the merchant site. There’s no registration, no credit checks and ClickDirectPay is independent of any one bank. It’s free for buyers and secured with bank-level protection.

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Posted by CCJ Team