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iCheque is a small online payments company, which was recently acquired by CashFlows. The company itself was launched in 2011 and operates out of Cambridge, England. Security, fraud prevention and privacy is among their top priorities, across all three of their alternative payment options for the end user. To learn more about the company’s services, products and fees, see the iCheque review below. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

The UK-based company has three main products and services, which cater to different needs and markets. Let’s take a look at each one next.

Payr caters to the EU region and offers non-reloadable prepaid virtual MasterCards, which are accepted globally and issued by Prepaid Financial Services Ltd. To apply for one, just visit Payr’s official site, sign up and fill in a form that may require evidence of your identity and your residential address. Due to its wide coverage, EUR, GBP and USD are all accepted. Just make sure to use it within 48 hours from the point of purchase.

The Wyrz is a similar service to the above, with the only difference being in the brand of the card, in which case it’s the non-reloadable and prepaid virtual Visa card, issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Unlike the EU counterpart, Wyrz focuses on the North American market and has the same security advantages as its sister brand. However, only USD is accepted with this type of method.

Last but not least, iCheque also offers e-vouchers, which can be distributed globally. Just purchase the voucher from any of the approved resellers for the required value, and use the 16-25 digit code upon purchase goods or services, wherever iCheque is accepted.


The company’s services are regulated by FCA and authorised as an e-money institution. Other than that, due to the nature of their three payment methods, users don’t have to share any of their personal or credit card information with the seller. And in case of the iCheque, there’s no need to share any sensitive info with anybody. Therefore, if privacy is one of your main concerns then their products are designed with your needs in mind.


While there’s little to no information on the fees, iCheque’s Payr and Wyrz services are free to use, unless the seller sets their own price tag.

As far as iCheque’s relationship with iGaming goes, then EveryMatrix is one of the platforms which accepts this type of a payment method. This also includes brands like CasinoClub, however there’s still much room for improvement.


iCheque is a UK-based company owned by CashFlows that offers alternative payment methodss. It has three main businesses: the global iCheque e-voucher, the prepaid and non-reloadable Visa that goes under the Wyrz brand, and Payr, a prepaid MasterCard designed for the EU region.

Click to visit iCheque official website.

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