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Kalixa is a B2B payment processing provider. The company specializes is customizing payment processing capabilities for a wide range of industries. While this wouldn't be considered a high profile payment processing option in the iGaming industry for gamblers, its capabilities would certainly fit well in that kind of environment for the online gaming operators that need help processing credit card payments and managing receipts.

The Kalixa organization is headed by the Kalixa Group, which operates through two primary subsidiaries: Kalixa Accepted Limited in England and Wales, and Kalixa Services GMHB located in Austria. The company has been in the payment processing business for over 15 years. During that time, the company has developed the technology to allow merchants to process credit card payments from their customers in a smooth, fast, secure and efficient manner. In a high volume industry like online casinos, this is the perfect business solution for operators that don't have the resources and time to manage credit card deposits and withdrawals. . T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

For the benefit of the merchant, in the case of an online casino that would be the licensed owner/operator, Kalixa offers two credit card payment options: direct integration processing or hosted processing.

In a direct integration processing environment, Kalixa's employees work with the merchant to develop payment pages right on the merchant's website. As customers enter their credit card payment information and authorize payment, Kalixa's computer system handles the cash transfer between the credit card and the merchant's bank account, producing management reports related to such activity.

In a hosted processing environment, most of these procedures remain the same with one significant difference. Instead of the customer entering their payment information directly on the merchant's dedicated web page, the customer is redirected to Kalixa's payment entry page. Merchants can benefit from this option by minimizing its PCI burden and allowing Kalixa to maintain user account details in its highly securitized computer system.


Kalixa is regulated by the UK's FCA. As a high security host in a PCI-certified environment, the company is required to submit to regulatory audits and implement the use of cutting edge security technology. On behalf of an online gaming operation, these security measures are significantly more stable that the standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology being used by the site's software system.


All fees for Kalixa's services are charged to the merchant. Online gamblers are requested to check the fees charged by their casino operator for the processing of credit cards. Most likely, the fees charged by Kalixa have been passed on to the customers, at least to some extent.


Kalixa is a company that designs payment systems, which allow merchants to accept over 200 payment options and 9 currencies. The platform can either be integrated directly into merchant’s site or hosted on Kalixa’s highly securitized servers.

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