Otopay Kart Banking

Otopay Kart is a virtual prepaid card, which works similarly to AstroPay and Paykasa solutions. It’s part of the Malta-based Otopay parent company, which claims to have been offering global payment services for over 10 years.

Like similar payment methods, it’s designed to protect users’ privacy, enabling them to pay online just as effortlessly as with a regular bank card. They also stress facts like no hidden costs, competitive rates and reliability. More on how it works and what to keep in mind in the full overview below. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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Otopay Kart

How It Works?

Since Otopay Kart issues its own virtual cards, which have nothing to do with Visa, MasterCard or any other widely used brands, it can only be used with Otopay-certified sellers. The good news is that there should be quite a few of them worldwide.

To get one you first need to find an accredited reseller. Simply choose the card depending on the amount you want to use and you’ll get the 19-digit card number with the 4-digit security code in return, electronically.

When you spot a merchant that accepts Otopay’s prepaid card, then proceed to the cashier and select the payment method, as usual. Then enter both of the codes to process the transaction and pay for the goods or services.

While there’s little to no information on Otopay Kart online, competitive solutions like AstroPay allows users to pay with the same card multiple times, without the need to use the funds in a single transaction. However, you may be able to merge any two or more card balances, by contacting the payment provider directly. And since it’s a prepaid card, it cannot be reloaded.


One of the main advantages of using Otopay Kart is that there’s no need to share any of your personal information. And even if it gets into the wrong hands, the amount on it is limited.

While the card itself offers a good level of privacy and protection, getting it topped up at a reliable merchant may be one of the biggest concerns due to the many fake websites which sell them. As such, it’s recommended that you use discretion when purchasing the card online. One authorised website to consider is http://otopaykart.com/.


Otopay Kart claims to have no hidden costs or commissions. Users should only be charged for the initial card purchase, by the reseller.

Otopay Kart’s customer service is available 24/7


Otopay Kart is a virtual prepaid card, which can be purchased in fixed sums at certified resellers for a commission fee. The payment method is accepted worldwide and can only be used with merchants who accept Otopay, without sharing any personal information.

Click to visit Otopay Kart website.

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