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Paybox’s roots date back to 1999, when their first m-commerce service was launched. A couple of years later, in 2001, Paybox came out with their very own payment platform in Austria. With every year, the company kept adding new solutions and services so that by now, they cater for both the private and business sectors with a variety of payment options. For the time being, we're only going to focus on their services in the private sector. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

Paybox's idea is simple – to turn your phone into a wallet. You can use it to pay for all sorts of services, including mobile parking, online shops and casinos, vending machines as well as when sending money. Even though its use is somewhat limited, meaning that most Paybox's services can only be used in Austria, their online capability is growing at a steady rate. This means that you can use it at various online casinos as well.

In order to pay with Paybox, you have to send an SMS or scan the QR-code, if available, for the product that you want to buy. It works as an e-wallet as well, meaning that you can send and collect money from your friends. In case you're wondering, you can get the Paybox app from App Store or Google Play, which unlike the mobile banking and vending machine options work outside Austria as well.


Paybox is without a doubt a great solution if you don't want to involve your personal bank details when making an online purchase. Also, if you're worried about outside attacks, Paybox's first line of defence is the 128-bit SSL encryption. All in all, Paybox is a secure way to handle your finances, but if you manage to lose your phone or it gets stolen, then you might be at risk. And despite the fact that there's also the 4 digit PIN that presumably only you know, you should still contact Paybox's customer support immediately.


Paybox can be funded using your phone operator, meaning that all purchases you make will be added to your next bill. The other option is that the payment is directly drawn from your bank account. If you'd like to get all the benefits, then you should opt for their premium solution. However, this way a 1.49 EUR monthly fee will apply as well. There's also an activation fee of 4.9 EUR. Top-ups come at a cost as well, which is based on commissions. That said, Paybox is still one of the less expensive ways to pay online and send money to your friends.


Paybox Bank AG is an Austrian company that specialises in mobile payments. It allows users to make purchases the easy way, using nothing but their smartphones. Paybox is accepted by numerous merchants and can also be used for money transfers, using a mobile app.

Click here to visit Paybox official website.

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