PayKwik Banking

PayKwik is a prepaid voucher gateway with the intention of making customer’s and merchant’s lives easier. There isn't a whole lot of information available about the company itself other than that they're new on the scene, so let's see how their service works instead. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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How It Works?

The whole process starts with you checking if the e-commerce site where you want to make a purchase on, has included PayKwik as a payment option. Since PayKwik is at its start-up stage, only a handful casinos for example, have it. Likewise, only a few voucher partners are represented. However, PayKwik also encourages its potential customers to let them know, if there are any voucher systems not available in their solutions, so that they can contact them and ask to join PayKwik's community. Currently, only Turkish Spend Pin and GS Cash are represented.

If you manage to find a PayKwik supported site, there are only three easy steps of payment. Firstly, select PayKwik as a payment option when checking out. Secondly, select your favourite voucher brand and let PayKwik check the voucher to complete your transaction. This of course means that you've purchased the voucher beforehand.

If PayKwik included more voucher brands then their service would be of great use for merchants all over the world. Simply put, as a merchant, you would get all the voucher based systems from one source, instead of making individual agreements with each one of them. Sadly, only two voucher brands are currently included, so there’s much room for development for PayKwik to unlock its full potential.


PayKwik's concept is quite secure by itself, since it acts only as a verifier, whether your prepaid voucher is valid or not. Therefore, the bigger question is whether they can be trusted or not. So far, the feedback has only been positive and no fraudulent behaviour has been noted. So if you're already using Spend Pin or GS Cash, then you shouldn't be afraid making payments via PayKwik.


There’s no added fees for the customer when using PayKwik's gateway when checking out. However, voucher based systems themselves can be quite costly, therefore get to know the rates of the voucher that you plan to buy beforehand.

Another thing to note here, is that customers can buy vouchers in their own currency and don't have to bother finding the right one in order to pay for their selected goods or services.


PayKwik is a start-up company, which aims to bring together the online eCommerce community and customers who want to buy goods and services using local prepaid vouchers. If you’ve ever used Ukash then they are confident that you’ll like their service as well.

Click to visit PayKwik website.

Posted by CCJ Team