Quick Cash Banking

Quick Cash is Western Union's transfer method. This service is mainly used by businesses to make payments, such as payroll and other disbursements, around the world. Western Union itself has been around for a long time now and even big corporations like Google for example, tend to use their services. That in mind, let's take a look at how this payment system works. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Must be 18+. Click for a list of all banking methods.


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Quick Cash

How It Works?

Quick Cash software is usually installed onto the company’s desktops, from where the software can make payments. From there, the sender enters the receiver's information, along with a test question and an answer.

Next up, the receiving party has to find the closest Western Union agent, which shouldn't be hard, considering there are over 280,000 agents worldwide. Then the receiver has to fill out a Quick Cash form, including the test question and answer, and present a valid ID to the agent. If everything checks out, the agent gives out the cash. The whole process can be completed within minutes, making it a great tool for companies with an international reach.

There are many advantages and reasons why Quick Cash has become so popular. First of all, the company making the payments can access the software at any time from their offices, eliminating the need to go out and send a cheque. Also, it's faster than regular bank transfers, especially if you're sending money overseas.


Since Quick Cash is a bit different from other payment methods out there, mainly because it uses its own software. Therefore, users themselves have a lot of responsibility to ensure that their desktops are up to date and scanned for malware frequently. Of course, all the data is encrypted using an SSL certificate. In addition to that, Western Union asks users to be very careful when selecting the security test and answer. It should always be personal and not the kind of information others can pick up online from various blogs or social networking sites.


In some cases, Quick Cash can be less costly than regular wire transfers or payments to couriers that deliver cheques. However, compared to e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, Quick Cash is a lot more expensive. That said, it's still easy to understand why multinational companies like Google and its AdSense prefer Quick Cash. It's a hassle-free process, as the receiving party doesn't even have to own a bank account or an e-wallet, and can simply pick up cash in their own currency.


Quick Cash is a Western Union payment method designed for convenient cash transfers involving the group’s 100,000+ agents worldwide. It eliminates time delays associated with bank wires and hassles of cashing foreign checks as payments are received in local currency right away.

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