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There is a large list of software developers looking for ways to participate in a growing online gaming market. Some companies are offering traditional software platforms with classic casino games in the offering. Still other companies are thinking outside the box, trying to develop a unique niche is an industry that could stand an infusion of fresh ideas. Enter, a company that has introduced a revolutionary approach to live casino gaming. That approach has resulted is a unique gaming platform that is proving to be popular with players who have access through their favourite online casinos.

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The Company was introduced to the online gaming industry in January of 2012. The company operates out of two different locations, one in Birżebbuġa, Malta and the other in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company's games are offered primarily through online and offline gaming sites in Eastern European countries like Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well as in Italy and Greece. This is a B2B venture that offers a unique library of live casino lottery style games to online casino owner/operators looking to provide customers with a wider variety of games from which to choose.

The Software

According to the site, the software was developed to "connect traditional betting with popular lotteries and casino or table games." The software product is easily integrated with most popular online gaming software platforms. Casino owners/operators can offer access to's games through a link that is available using computers and mobile devices with access to standard web-browsers. The games are broadcast live from the studios at and are available in standard resolution or High Definition.

The Games currently offers six different lottery style games. The games are manned by beautiful dealers who prompt the action. The games are played on a 3-5 minutes rotation with results provided within seconds. The six gaming options are:

Lucky 7 - Player selects 7 spots from a 42-spot matrix. Wagers are made on possible outcomes prescribed by

Lucky 5 - Player selects 5 spots from a 36-spot matrix. Wagers are made on possible outcomes prescribed by

BetOnPoker - The dealer deals six two-card hands and one 5-card hand (community cards). The player places wagers on any or all of the six 2-card hands. Wagering is permitted before the cards are dealt and after each round of cards are revealed. The best 5 cards from each hand are used to determine payouts based on odds determined for each hand by

Baccarat - The game follows standard baccarat rules and betting procedures.

Wheel of Fortune - The wheel has 18 numbers. The player makes wagers on possible outcomes as prescribed by The game plays similar to roulette.

Dice - Dealer rolls five dice. The player makes wagers on the possible outcomes as prescribed by

If you want to see these games in action before you commit to play them yourself you can, has a demo on their site with all of the aforementioned products – have a look!

Summary is a B2B live gaming partner with a package of unique live dealer products broadcasted directly from their studios in Malta and Lithuania. So far they’ve become very popular in the Eastern European market with games like Lucky 7, Dice, Lucky 5, Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat and Wheel of Fortune.

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