Bingo Chat Games

Bingo Chat Games

One of the most attractive features of online bingo is the ability to join a giant community of like minded players from all over the world and ‘socialize’ with them online. Chat features are part and parcel of every online bingo site, and the success of a site is usually measured by how active its chat rooms are. It is not unusual to find chat rooms buzzing 24/7 at popular sites, with players from all corners of the globe talking about everything under the sun.

To get players hyped up about the game of bingo, many online bingo rooms have introduced bingo chat games, which are played through these chat rooms.

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Earning Free Bonus Bucks through Bingo Chat Games

Besides the obvious entertainment element obtained through playing bingo chat games, players have the opportunity to earn themselves free bonus bucks if they are successful in the games. The number of bonus bucks (or BB's) that can be won through the games obviously varies from game to game and from site to site. The BB's can be used by the player at a later stage at the online bingo room.

Types of Bingo Chat Games

Online bingo sites are always trying to come up with newer and more entertaining bingo chat games to attract players to their sites. However, there are several tried and tested games that players in chat rooms love playing. We’ve outlined several of them:

A Little Pick Me Up: Players pick any number from one through to seventy five. If their number is called out within ten calls, they type in A LITTLE PICK ME UP with their number and the chat host will reward them with a prize.

Blackjack: Players select any two numbers that make up the total of 21. If their two numbers are called out, they ‘call’ out BLACKJACK with their two numbers in order to win some BB's.

Corners: Players win this chat game if they are the first in the bingo chat room to call CORNERS along with the four numbers that occupy the corners of their bingo card.

Gin: Players pick one number of their choice from each of the three rows G, I and N. When all three numbers are called out, they type in GIN with their three numbers to win a prize.

Hang Berth: The chat monitor offers a few blank letters that make up a word, filling in one letter to start the ball rolling. Players need to guess, one at a time, a letter in order to complete the word, with only ten seconds to make the right guess. If the monitor types in STOP, it means that no more guesses are allowed. The player who manages to guess the correct word wins the game and the prize.

Lucky 7: All players need to guess the seventh number in the game that will be called out from any of the BINGO rows. The player who manages to predict the correct number wins that game.

Monkey in the Middle: Players choose any number from the N row and when their number is called out, they type in MONKEY and the number in order to claim their BB's.


As can be seen, there is no shortage of bingo chat games, and the list of possibilities is as large as the imagination. What makes these games so much fun is the fact that they can be played at any time of the day or night, they require practically no effort or skills, and they reward players with great prizes – all within a friendly social environment.

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