Bingo Terminology and Glossary

Bingo Terminology

Bingo is a game of chance in which all the numbers are randomly picked and drawn and the bingo player has to match the numbers picked to the card or cards they are using.

If the player matches a number to the card, they cover the number up. The card is usually a 5x5 grid and every card is not the same. Given a pre-determined pattern, the player that covers up their numbers first, yells BINGO. The first player to shout BINGO is the winner. Bingo in its classic form has been played in the United States since the mid 1920's and is now a very popular game at online casinos too.

Increase your bingo terminology with Casino Cash Journey's bingo reference guide. Below is some of the more commonly used terminology, slang, jargon, lingo and the meanings behind the words.

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Bingo Terminology and Glossary

5 Line Bingo
This form of Bingo is also called Swedish Bingo. It is another of the many variations of Bingo available online.

30 Ball Bingo
Bingo players who love fast games will love 30 ball Bingo. Sometimes called Speed Bingo because the games are so fast. It is a coverall game with a 3x3 grid.

75 Ball Bingo
A form of bingo that is usually played in countries such as the United States and Canada. Numbers on the bingo card range from one through to seventy five on a 5 x 5 grid.

80 Ball Bingo
A more modern form of bingo that was introduced with the onset of internet bingo playing. The game is considered a form of speed bingo and the card consists of 16 squares across and four squares down.

90 Ball Bingo
A form of bingo that is usually played in the United Kingdom. The format of the 90 ball bingo card differs from the 75 ball card in that it has 15 numbers in three rows and nine columns. A row consists of five numbers and four blank spots. Column one constitutes numbers one through to nine, column two constitutes numbers ten through to nineteen, column three constitutes numbers twenty through to twenty nine, etc. etc. The final line constitutes numbers eighty through to ninety.

Admission Packet
Entering a bingo hall sometimes requires that players purchase a certain number of bingo cards. This is the admission packet which usually consists of three to six cards and entry into a special game. Naturally, the admission packet will vary from bingo location to location.

After Game
Bingo game played after the regular session of play. Online bingo is different as it allows you to play an online bingo game anytime you please

Auto Daub
An automatic dauber found at online bingo sites that will mark off numbers on a bingo card as they are called automatically, allowing players to do other things while the game is being played out.

Ball Gate
When the bingo ball rolls out to enter the main playfield, it runs through a metal flap at the top of the ball runway which is known as the ball gate.

Ball Lifter
The device that raises the bingo ball from the playfield area to the ball shooter tip.

Ball Runway
A sleeve that is situated on the right side where the ball shooter places the bingo ball before it enters the playfield.

Ball Shooter
A spring loaded device that launches the bingo ball onto the playfield.

Basket Bingo
Bingo game where basket prizes are given away to the winner.

Beano predates bingo and is so-called because beans were originally used to cover the numbers called out.

Bingo Board
A display board found at bingo halls that features the latest number that was called in order to allow everyone to see.

Bingo Card
The playing card purchased in order to play the game of bingo. The card will depend on the type of bingo being played, eg. 75 ball, 80 ball or 90 ball bingo. Traditionally, the card consists of the word BINGO at the top, with five numbers listed under each letter. The center square is left blank. To advance in the game, players need to cover these numbers to form a pre-determined pattern, with the first player to do so winning the game.

Bingo Daubers / Markers
A dauber used to cover the numbers on a bingo card.

Bingo Network
A group of online bingo sites that belong to the same network, sharing similar graphics, player bases and promotions, and pooling jackpots.

Bingo Schedule
A list of upcoming games at an online bingo schedule, usually specifying times, bingo room and prizes up for grabs.

Bingo Software
The computer software that is used to power the online bingo site and provide games and support.

A specific bingo pattern that wins when all 25 squares on the bingo card are covered. This is also known as a coverall game.

A forced-air device that mixes the bingo balls and dispenses them to the caller who announces the numbers and displays them on a bingo board.

BOH Games
Bottom of the Hour bingo games.

Boy One Get One Free. A special promotion where players buy one bingo card and get the other for free.

A series of tickets for bingo games.

Bonanza Bingo
A variant of the game of the bingo that takes the form of a progressive coverall jackpot game. Bonanza bingo is traditionally played as the thirteenth game in a session. 45 numbers are drawn and marked on separate cards, with the countdown beginning at 48 numbers and climbing each week until it reaches 52.

Bingo Points. Loyalty points earned while playing online bingo, that can be redeemed for prizes (usually extra bingo cards) when enough have been accumulated.

Break Open
A multi-ply card made from paper with perforated tabs. The play area of the card is covered to conceal numbers, letters or symbols.

Buzzword Bingo
Game played using buzzwords instead of numbers. Players mark words and phrases on their card as they are spoken. The first bingo player to mark five phrases or words in a row calls “bingo”.

Buy in
The act of buying bingo cards.

The person who traditionally calls out the bingo numbers to the players as they are drawn throughout the game.

Cash Ball
A progressive jackpot that pays off on the called number, drawn before the session begins.

Cash in Prize
A bingo game where a cash payout out usually makes up the prize. Traditionally, money is paid in to the game and 50% of the stake is handed over as the cash prize.

Chat Lingo
Abbreviated words and terms used by bingo players when they chat with others in the chat rooms. (eg: GL = Good Luck).

Chat Comps
Bonuses awarded to bingo players for playing chat games that are organized in the different bingo rooms.

Chat Games
Games that are played within a chat room. These games are announced by chat masters and their types and prizes vary from room to room.

Chat Monitors or CM’s
Chat Monitors are the ones in charge of the chat games

Chat Master
The person who is responsible for a chat room at an online bingo site. Also know as CH's or Chat Hosts.

Chat Room
The section at an online bingo room where players meet to interact with one another and play games. Chat moderators will sometimes award extra bonuses and prizes in chat rooms.

Consolation Prize
When there is no winner in a bingo game, a consolation prize may be given on special games.

A coverall is a bingo game in which you will be required to fill the entire bingo card to win. A coverall game is often known as a blackout. This type of pattern game is used a lot in bingo tournaments due to the fact that they take much longer.

An item that is used to mark the squares of the bingo card once a number is called. A dauber may be ink in a bottle covered by a foam tip, or it may consist of other material – although they all serve the same purpose.

Money that players deposit into their online bingo accounts in order fund their bingo sessions.

Deposit Bonuses
Cash paid to online bingo players when they open an account at a site for the first time.

Early Bird Game
A bingo game that is scheduled earlier than others on the traditional bingo schedule.

A bingo card containing 24 numbers and a free space in the middle.

Flimsy or Flimsies
Bingo cards printed on thin sheets of paper.

Free Bingo
Special bingo sessions offered by online bingo sites that don’t cost anything to play and usually come with a cash prize.

Four Corners
A predetermined pattern where the corner numbers on the card need to be covered in order for the player to win.

Free Space
The square in the middle of the traditional 5 x 5 bingo card that is covered up already.

Full House
A player who manages to mark off all the numbers on their bingo cards has achieved a full house.

Game Board
The electronic board situated beside the bingo board which displays the current bingo pattern being played out.

Game Room
A virtual bingo room that forms part of the larger online bingo site. Game rooms are usually named to fit into the theme of the bingo site and run their own games and schedules.

A system that allows players to daub numbers on multiple cards that are played in a single bingo game.

Guaranteed Jackpot
The minimum amount of money that players can win at an online bingo site. The bingo site guarantees to put up the sum, or guarantees that a certain amount will be won on a weekly/monthly basis.

Hard Ball
The first number drawn at the start of the bingo game.

Hard Card
A hardboard bingo card that consists of shutters that are closed when bingo numbers are called.

Hardway Bingo
Bingo pattern in a straight line, with no free space.

A gambling property such as a casino or bingo hall. Also the phrase called in some games of bingo when a winning pattern is achieved.

Inlaid Card
A bingo card that is set inside a table.

Inside Square
A bingo pattern in which players must cover all the numbers in the I, N and G columns surrounding the free space, in order to win.

The largest cash prize, usually awarded for achieving a difficult pattern.

Late Night Bingo
Bingo sessions that usually begin after a certain hour and are played into the night.

Lucky Jar
When a bingo session begins, the first number that is called is known as the lucky number. Sometimes a special pot of money known as the Lucky Jar is handed to a player if he or she wins on the lucky number.

Main Stage Bingo
The main event of a session of bingo games.

Minimum Buy In
The minimum amount of money that needs to be paid in a bingo game in order to win a prize.

Money Ball
Sometimes a number is drawn before the bingo game begins. This number doubles the prize if a player hits bingo on the drawn number.

Moonlight Bingo
Bingo sessions that usually begin after a certain hour and are played into the night.

Multiple Bingo
The opportunity to play several bingo games simultaneously.

Multiple Winners
The cash prize is divided among a number of players if more than one wins on the bingo game.

The names used by callers to specify certain numbers (eg: 88 = Two Fat Ladies).

Nine Pack
9 numbers in a block on one bingo card.

If a player has only one number to go before hitting bingo, this is known as being ‘on’.

On the Way
A bingo game played on the way to a blackout game. A pattern is chosen before reaching the blackout pattern and the caller continues with the same numbers after the first part is won, to reach the blackout pattern.

Online Bingo
Bingo played at an online gaming site.

Also known as participation bingo. This term is usually used to define slot or cash bingo games that carry a cash prize.

The predetermined shape or pattern (eg. Letters, images) that need to be covered on the card in order for the player to win the bingo game.

The percentage of money that the bingo hall pays out to winners in winnings.

Pod Top
The unit on top of the barrier that contains all the mechanisms used in the game, such as coin mechanisms, credit displays and claim buttons.

Postage Stamp Pattern
A pattern that covers four numbers in a postage stamp formation (a 2 x 2 grid) in any of the four corners on a bingo card.

Prepaid Bingo Game
The opportunity to buy bingo cards ahead of time and allow the automatic dauber at the site mark off the numbers on the card. Players don’t even need to be playing at the site at the time that these prepaid games are being run.

Prize Bingo
In some areas where playing bingo for money is not allowed, the winner will take home a prize instead.

Progressive Jackpot
A sum of money that is attached to bingo sessions and continues to grow in size until a lucky player wins it all.

A bingo game in which the numbers are called quickly and the player’s card must be fully covered to win.

Rainbow Pack
A paper pack which allows players to play for a few different prize values at once.

Rebound Rubber
A rubber disk located at the top left of the playfield, allowing the ball to bounce off if shot hard enough.

Replay Counter
A device that keeps track of how many credits a player has won.

Short for Random Number Generator. This device is placed in machines and randomly selects the numbers called in bingo. The RNG is also used in other gambling games such as slots.

A number of bingo games in a row, made up of a certain number of games and usually within a certain time frame.

Side Games
Casino games that are found at online bingo sites to complement the bingo action. These include games such as slots, scratch cards and roulette.

Single Line
A row that has been completed on a 90 ball bingo card.

Six Pack
Six numbers that comprise a block on a bingo card.

Bingo games played on a separate set of cards that are usually bought during intermission of a bingo session.

Speed Bingo
A faster version of traditional bingo, where the numbers are called at a quicker pace than usual and a smaller pattern needs to be covered to win the prize.

Split Pot
The winner of the bingo game shares the sales of the game with the bingo establishment.

Team Bingo
Team Bingo was designed to bring back some of the nostalgic memories we all have of belonging to a team and competing with other teams.

An electronic dauber system that allows players to enjoy multiple games.

Texas Blackout
A variant of traditional blackout bingo. The first number called determines whether the numbers covered on the cards should be odds or evens. The game then proceeds as normal until a blackout is achieved and bingo is won.

Bingo cards that are printed on particularly thin paper. Also known as flimsies.

TOH Games
Top of the Hour bingo game.

A tournament is an ongoing game and it will generally offer bigger and more exciting bingo games.

Two Lines Across
A pattern in which a player has marked off all the numbers on two rows of their bingo card.

The number of bingo sheets used to make up a book.

The eligibility needed in order to win extra jackpot amounts.

Warm Up
Bingo games that precede regular bingo sessions.

Wild Number
A wild number is usually played on a double bingo that leads into a triple bingo. The first number drawn usually determines the wild number.

Money that can be withdrawn from the player’s online bingo account.

Wrap Up
The last bingo game played in a regular session.

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