European Blackjack Strategy

European Blackjack Strategy

European Blackjack game is one of the most popular blackjack variations played across Europe. It is also the most common played blackjack game in European casinos, and on the internet.

In European blackjack, the dealer takes their second card or the hole card after the the players have finished their hands. Basic blackjack strategy chart for European Blackjack is perfect for Microgaming casinos.

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European Blackjack Strategy Chart

European BJ

Blackjack Player's Choices

Players now choose from one of the following strategies: hit, stand, pair splitting, doubling down, even money or surrendering.

Hit: Players indicate to the dealer that they want to be dealt another card. This can be indicated either by making a beckoning motion with a finger or tapping the table with their finger, behind their pile of cards. If, after asking for a hit, the players go over 21, they need to give in their cards and their wager is lost.

Stand: Players indicate that they wish to stay with the cards that they were dealt. Hands can be waved over the cards or the cards are turned in a horizontal direction.

Pair Splitting: If players are dealt a pair as their first two cards, they can split these pairs into two separate hands. Each card is then used as a start to a separate hand and players place another, second bet that is equal to the first bet. In Classic Blackjack, players can only split pairs of equal denominations – meaning that a Jack and a 10 cannot be split just because they have the same face value. Also, players can only split once per hand.

In other versions of blackjack, some casinos allow players to resplit (make another hand) if they are dealt additional pairs in the first two cards of a hand. Again, depending on individual casino rules, some allow endless resplitting, while others restrict it. While, in theory, players can split ten-valued cards (such as a King and Queen), this would not be a good move because a pair of tens is considered an excellent hand and is not worth splitting. Players are also encouraged to always split Aces, although most casinos restrict players to drawing only one additional card on each Ace.

Doubling Down: This option allows players to double their original bet. In exchange, they are able to receive only one more card. Players indicate their wish to double down by placing their chip next to their original chip bet. This is considered an excellent bet for players who are in a strong playing position. Some casinos will only allow this option when the first two cards equal 10 or 11.

Surrendering (also known as late surrender): Not all casinos allow players to surrender. When they do, players give up the first two cards and forfeit half of their original bet. This can only be done once the dealer checks his or her own cards for a blackjack. Once players indicate that they want to surrender, they are not involved in the current round and their cards are removed from the table. Very rarely, players are also offered the option of surrendering before the dealer determines whether he or she has a blackjack.

Even Money (Insurance): If players have a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace on his or her upcard, they will be offered the option of ‘even money’, meaning that they will receive a 1:1 yield before the dealer checks the second card.


Blackjack is an exciting game of skill and fortune, easily explaining why its popularity continues to grow among new and seasoned gamblers alike.

Our strategies and rules are solely for entertainment purposes only. Our website encourages players to play responsibly and to realize that over time, the house always wins.

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