Coverall Bingo

Coverall Bingo

Coverall bingo is a variant of the very popular form of bingo called 75-ball bingo. Some players may recognize it by its other names – blackout bingo or coverall pattern. The main objective of coverall bingo is to cover the entire bingo card, hence its name, and all the numbers (5 x 5) need to be completed before bingo can be called. The game is played extensively at land based, as well as online bingo rooms on the internet.

In order to win a coverall bingo game, you have to complete all 25 spots on your bingo card. As such it would take at least 24 calls to cover all the spaces (considering that the middle spot is blank). However, completing a card in 24 calls is almost impossible, and a good number is usually not lower than 40. An average coverall bingo game ends on 55 to 60 calls, depending on how many players are in the game.

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Coverall Bingo for Beginners

When players first discover bingo, they start to learn the game by going for the simpler options such as one line games. Therefore, coverall bingo is not the type of game that absolute beginners usually head for. Having said that, coverall bingo is so simple to learn and play, that even absolute beginners will pick up the rules very quickly.

75-ball bingo is generally played at a faster pace than other variants, and coverall bingo – and the need to cover the entire card – may seem overwhelming at first; and for this reason, it is usually recommended to purchase one card first to get a feel for the game. Slowly proceed from there, until multiple cards are purchased and played – preferably online. .

The Advantages of Coverall Bingo

Playing bingo in itself is a very enjoyable pastime, and coverall bingo only adds more pleasure to the process! One of the biggest advantages of coverall bingo is that the game is purposely dragged out to extend the pleasurable aspects. Because you are required to cover all the spots, coverall bingo usually takes longer than a game where, say, you would need to cover only one line in order to win. Because there are so many numbers involved, players are deep in concentration and the excitement level peaks, especially towards the end. As such, nothing beats the adrenaline and thrill of coverall bingo!

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of coverall bingo is that if you are lucky enough to cover the entire card, the rewards are truly great, with some of the best prizes being offered by online bingo rooms on their coverall games.

Coverall Bingo Tips

  • Start off slowly, with one card at a time in the beginning, in order to get a feel for coverall bingo. Switch to multiple card playing only after you have enough confidence to do so.
  • Stay concentrated. If you miss even one number, your chances of calling bingo drop significantly. Never let anything distract you.
  • Use the auto-daub and pre-purchased features at online bingos that will automatically mark off the called numbers on your coverall bingo card, without you having to even be at the site when the game is being played out!


As can be seen, playing coverall bingo adds an important element of excitement to your gaming session. After being introduced to this variant of gaming, you’ll be forgiven if you never want to play any other format of online bingo again – thanks to its fast pace, top rewards and drawn out fun!

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