Craps Table

Craps Table Layout

Below is a typical craps table layout showing the various types of craps bets along with the approximate bet placement locations.

The table is built especially for craps. The surface is felt. On the felt are numerous words and numbers. These refer to the bets that can be made. Because the table is quite long the same words and numbers are printed at both ends.

At one end of the table is a short wall, called the back wall. When the shooter throws the dice it must hit the back wall to be a valid throw.

The boxman is responsible for the casino's money. He or she watches everything that happens at the table. The boxman changes chips to cash. He is also responsible to resolve any problems that arise regarding a bet.

The stickman moves the dice around the table. At the beginning of a game the stickman moves three sets of dice to the new shooter who chooses one set. After every throw the stickman returns the dice to the shooter. The stickman also announces the outcome of each throw.

There are two dealers at a craps table, one on each side. One of the dealers is in charge of the puck, the disk that tells players if this is an ongoing game or if a new game is about to start. The dealers pay winners and collect losing bets. The dealers also make Place, Lay, Odds, and Proposition bets for a player. The player puts chips on the side of the table and tells the dealer how he wants to bet them.

The floorman is the overall manager of everything that goes on at the table. Because the other table employees are also experts at their jobs, the floorman can supervise more than one table at a time. It is the floorman who approves credit for a player and who studies the players for any undesirable conduct.

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Craps Table Layout

Craps Table
  • APass Line Bet
  • BDon't Pass Line Bet
  • COdds Bet
  • DOdds Bet
  • EDon't Come Bet
  • FField Bet
  • GPlace Bet
  • HDon't Come Buy Bet
  • IDo Come Buy Bet
  • JBig 6 & Big 8
  • KHardway Bets
  • LAny Craps Bet
  • MCraps 2 Bet
  • NCraps 12 Bet
  • OCraps 3 Bet
  • PEleven Bet
  • QAny Seven Bet
  • RHorn Bet
  • SC & E Bet

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