Download Casino versus Instant-Play Casinos

Download Casino Software versus Instant-Play Casinos

Everyone who plays casino games online must, at some time, decide whether to download the casino's software or to play without downloading.

Since more and more players want to play without downloading, many casinos are offering that option.

Both ways of playing have advantages and disadvantages.

Often the decision you make is an "on balance" type of decision.

Many players swear by the quality of downloaded games.

Others like the no-download format because it doesn't overload their computer.

Advantages of Downloading Games

  • Once you have successfully downloaded, you have immediate access to the games.
  • The graphics and sound quality are usually better when you download because they are embedded in the software and don't have to be drawn separately from the internet.
  • Downloaded games run faster for the reason mentioned above. Also, if you update regularly, the games will play at high-speed.
  • Many casinos offer only the download option. These casinos work extremely hard to make sure the download is perfect and safe.

Disadvantages of Downloading Games

  • If you are truly an occasional player, you probably don't want to use up the hard drive space with a heavy download.
  • If you are still in the process of trying out several online casinos, you will probably prefer to continue to play without downloading before deciding which casino's software to download.
  • Unless you have a lot of space available on your hard drive, it is unlikely that you will download two casinos. So the decision to download is relatively final; you can always remove the software but most players consider such actions to be a big hassle.
  • Some gamblers prefer playing at many casinos. They may like the bonuses or other promotions. But when you wish to uninstall casino software you may run into two bothersome problems. One, the casino doesn't want you to leave so it can make it more difficult and time-consuming to uninstall than it was to download. Two, every download has a registration. When you uninstall, your registration may get stuck in the cyberspace of your computer. Newer and more powerful computers can shrug it off but older, weaker computers, and simple laptops and netbooks may develop problems.
  • Casinos work very hard to make their downloads 100 % safe for your computer. Nevertheless, whenever you download anything from the internet, there is the chance of malware getting in your computer.
  • The computer software is on your hard drive so you can access it only from that one computer.

Advantages of Instant-Play Games

  • You can continue to search for a favorite casino.
  • If you have a relatively weak computer, you won't be clogging up the hard drive.
  • If you have a Macintosh computer it is possible that you can't download. For you the no-download option is the only one.
  • Since you are playing through the internet, you can play on any computer.

Disadvantages of Instant-Play Games

  • The graphics and sound quality are inferior.
  • There are still fewer games available in the no-download format.
  • The games run slower on older, weaker computers.


If you read all the advantages and disadvantages above, you should be able to make an informed decision based on how often you play casino games online, your preferences regarding sound and graphics, and the size and power of your computer, among other factors.

Posted by CCJ Team