Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

If you want to become an affiliate in the online casino industry then Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) is the first place to look for support. The organization was set up back in 2001 in order to help beginning and existing online gaming affiliates by creating an environment, where they can interact and collaborate with each other, as well as strengthen relationships with affiliate programs. Because it’s one of a kind and with over 20,000 registered users, there’s simply no better place to get what you need to be successful in this business.

GPWA Benefits

Each GPWA member will find their own participation benefits, but there are tons of universal perks that everyone can take advantage of immediately. Join their community for free and get access to their lively and one-of-a-kind forums and a free subscription to the GPWA Times Magazine as well as the GPWA Times Weekly Newsletter. They promise to deliver quality industry reports from their professional team of full-time reporters. Moreover, once you become a private member of the association you’ll get a lot more benefits with the right to place the Seal of Approval on your site as a mark of your highest operating standards and ethical commitment. This is not to mention the other goodies that they’ll send to you, such as the free copy of Casino City’s iGaming Business Directory, GPWA T-shirt and free StatsRemote membership.

GPWA Forums

Possibly the most important place on the entire site is the forum. There you have more than 50,000 threads and more than half a million posts divided between 100 forums. There you’ll find the latest industry buzz, valuable information on constantly changing tax laws, tips and recommendations on how to attract more visitors by improving your SEO, participate in gaming legislations discussions, polls and other interesting debates. The forum’s structure is very simple and straight-forward as it’s divided into multiple sections, which include public and private member topics as well as affiliate program sponsor discussions that are graded from silver to platinum. If you’re an international member you may want to check their special section for international gaming affiliates that includes Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Italian and Dutch sites.

GPWA Member and Portal Site Directory

Among all the above mentioned GPWA is also the best place where you can see who’s who by browsing GPWA Approved Portal Sites. You can sort them by games offered, the date they became approved, authority, name, traffic rank and many other criteria. Exchange private messages and build contacts to reach mutual goals with the sites that are complementary to yours.

On GPWA you’ll also find Social Groups, such as USA Online Casinos, Sports Betting, etc. GPWA’s Affiliate Programs site is of an extremely important value as well. Use it to your benefit to familiarise with various affiliate programs and get the management contact details. Visit their Affiliate Program Gaming Site Search to learn more about the actual gaming sites. There’s no limit to what you can do with this information, but it’ll certainly help you on your way to becoming a smart affiliate.

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