Choosing a Poker Room

Choosing a Poker Room

You love playing poker! You enjoy going to land-based casinos for the lights, the noise, and the general atmosphere of excitement. But, it's a lot more convenient to play at home on your computer. After work, you can relax for a time with your favorite casino games, among them poker.

Before playing poker online you have to decide where to play. There are so many poker rooms; how can you decide which one(s) to frequent?

One of the advantages of the internet is that you can do a lot of research quickly. Industry watchdogs, such as this site, spend many hours researching casinos and poker rooms for you. They have researched all of the factors specified below.

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Country Restrictions

Online gaming is becoming more and more restricted as governments seek either to protect their own gaming institutions such as lotteries or to regulate casino gaming. This has resulted in governments making it extremely difficult for online gaming institutions to receive and remit money. This has led many to simply exit these restricted markets.

The largest restricted market is the U.S. so many, but not all, online poker rooms don't accept American players. This greatly reduces the number of available players and the amount of money brought to the poker rooms. Everything else being equal, it is best to choose an online poker room that accepts American players.

Poker Bonuses, Promotions, and Reward Programs

All poker rooms offer bonuses, promotions, and rewards. Don't be fooled by their apparent attractiveness. There are many other important factors to consider before you chase a bonus, promotion, or reward.


You give the poker room your hard-earned money and you want to be sure that it's safe. A poker room with a solid reputation may be safer than one that has just recently come online. Your big deposit should go to an older poker room with a well-deserved reputation and a smaller deposit, if you choose to make one, to a smaller and less established poker room.

Ease of Deposit & Ease of Withdrawal

All poker rooms make it easy to deposit but some have more options than others. When you enter a poker room click on "banking'. There you will find everything you need about how to deposit and withdraw.

While poker rooms make it easy to deposit, some have restrictions on withdrawal. There may be a maximum withdrawal amount per week or month. Some poker rooms take a few days to remit funds you wish to withdraw.

Poker Support

The quality of the support staff will affect your gambling pleasure. Most sites have 24-hour support. Some have live chat and at some you can talk with a support representative. You can test the support staff without committing a cent. Simply click on support and "speak" with a support person.

Poker Tournaments

All poker rooms sponsor tournaments. The variations in tournaments are restricted only by human imagination. Many poker players choose their poker room on the basis of the tournaments that room sponsors. Many tournaments require you to stay in for the duration of the tournament. If you have the time, fine; but if you don't have time to play in a long tournament there are many shorter ones to choose from.

Tracking Poker Players

If you pride yourself on reading opponents you might consider playing in a poker room with a relatively small player base. You may also think about playing the less popular poker variations. They attract fewer players so you will be playing against the same people repeatedly.

If, on the other hand, you would rather not have other players evaluating you, it follows that you would play at large poker rooms and the most popular poker variations.

Size of Poker Player Base

You can see how many players are "seated" at any given time. This being the internet, the number will usually be in the thousands even at the small rooms and in the tens of thousands in the larger rooms. As the number of players "seated" rises, the variety of games increases and there are different levels of game stakes. You may not always find a table playing your game at the stakes you prefer in a small poker room.

Other Casino Games

You may want a poker room that offers a full range of casino games.


Some interfaces are difficult to understand at first. Some players may love the color scheme at a room while others may hate it. The sounds may irritate you or may please you. Given that there are so many poker rooms to choose from you should look for one that is easy to understand, that is visually appealing, and doesn't have irritating background noises.

Free Poker Play

Each poker room has its own way of indicating your bet. You should play a few hands for free just to see if you like the way the room is set up.

Poker Tutorials

A poker room should be able to explain in clear and simple language how a game is played. Although it's true that there are many good tutorials available online, a poker room should do its utmost to make you want to deposit money there.


There are so many poker rooms online that you should be able to find one that suits you perfectly. Never settle for less than the best for yourself when choosing an online poker room.

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