Lowball/Triple Draw Poker

Lowball/Triple Draw Poker

As poker players have come to realize, there are a wide number of poker variants around. One particular draw variant is Lowball Poker, which essentially requires players to form the lowest possible poker hand, based on traditional poker rankings. Under the Lowball Poker category, there are several sub-variants, however, it is safe to say that the majority have the dealer deal the players five cards face down, which is followed up by a betting round. Those players who opt to stay in the game after this first crucial round, replace the cards in their hands with new ones by drawing.

When we speak about Triple Draw Lowball Poker, we mean the game that is either played as an Ace to Five variant or, alternatively, a Deuce to Seven variant. The game, in whichever format it is played, comprises of three draw stages – hence, its name.

Triple Draw Poker is highly popular among professional players and the game is a top favorite in poker rooms across Vegas and Macau. It is not unusual to see very high stakes played on this game through different versions (limit, no limit and pot limit). Thankfully, poker players with normal sized bankrolls can now also join in the fun of Triple Draw Poker by playing it at their favorite online poker site.

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How to Play Triple Draw Poker

No matter which version of Triple Draw Poker you opt to play – Ace to Five or Deuce to Seven - the rules of the game remain the same.

Betting Structure

If you are familiar with the betting structure in the most common form of poker, Texas Hold ‘em, then you’ll soon understand the betting structure of Triple Draw poker, as they are practically the same. Essentially, the first two betting rounds see all wagers and raises equal to the lower bet and in the final two betting rounds, wagers and raises are equal to the higher bet.

Game Format

The following is how a game of Triple Draw Poker is typically played out.

Firstly, the player to the left of the dealer is the one who kicks everything off by posting a blind bet. Thereafter, each player around the table is dealt five cards by the dealer. The first round of betting begins and the first player to place a bet is the one who is traditionally seated to the left of that first player who posted the big blind in the beginning. As stated, all players who have opted to stay in the poker game after the first betting round are able to draw. This means that they can discard and replace any of the poker cards in their hand. They are not obliged to draw, and they are not limited to which cards they can replace – this means that they can choose to replace none of the cards, all of the cards or some of the cards.

The first player to draw is the one who is seated to the left of the game’s dealer. Soon after that, another round of betting begins, beginning with the player seated to the left of the dealer. In Triple Draw Poker, as its name suggests, there are a total of three rounds of draws that take place, as well as four rounds of betting. If there reaches a point in the game where there are no more cards to draw, the dealer may reshuffle the discarded cards to reuse them in the next draws.

Hand Rankings in Triple Draw Poker

As we noted earlier, there are two versions of lowball Triple Draw Poker – the first is Deuce to Seven while the other is Ace to Five. The hand rankings in Triple Draw Poker therefore depend on which of the two variants is being played.

Ace to Five Triple Draw Poker

  • All Aces in this variant are played low.
  • If you land a Straight or Flush, they do not count against you.
  • The best hand you can land in Ace to Five Triple Draw Poker consists of an Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five.
  • Alternatively, the second best hand to land consists of an Ace, Two, Three, Four and Six.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Poker

  • The lowest card in this variant of Triple Draw Poker is the two (deuce).
  • Unlike Ace to Five Triple Draw Poker, the Ace in this variant only plays high.
  • If you land a Straight or Flush, these actually count against you as they are high hands.
  • The best possible hand to land in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Poker consists of Two, Three, Four, Five and Seven.
  • Alternatively, the second best hand to land is Two, Three, Four, Six and Seven.
  • The very worst possible hand that you want to avoid in this variant of poker is the Royal Flush.

Tips and Strategies in Triple Draw Poker

If you regularly switch between Triple Draw Poker and regular poker, you may sometimes forget which variant you are playing and aim to make a hand of high cards instead of low cards in Triple Draw Poker. When playing lowball poker, remember that cards are counted from high card down to avoid unnecessary complications.

Poker experts suggest that one of the best strategies in Triple Draw Poker is to player conservatively until you hit a big hand. After that, you’re free to play as you wish…

If you land a hand with a high card of nine or more, it is worth discarding this hand. Remember, knowing when to discard and cutting your losses is also an excellent strategy.

If you have a seven high hand (some say even as high as eight), you are strongly recommended to wager on every round as your chances of at least splitting the pot are 90%.

Triple Draw Poker can be practiced for free at many online casinos, and players are encouraged to try out these options until they feel confident enough to wager on real money. Because of the fast pace of Triple Draw Poker, it is very easy to get caught up in the action of the moment and lose money.


Players are attracted to Triple Draw Poker because of its fast pace, easy rules and the potential to win big. While it is traditionally a high rollers game, Triple Draw Poker can now be played online, which means that the stakes are much more affordable and more players than ever can join in the fun. It comes as no surprise, then that Lowball Triple Draw Poker is one of the most popular variants online and off.

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