Pachinko: History, How to Play & more


Pachinko is a wildly popular Japanese game. A Pachinko game looks like an upright pinball machine. Players shoot a ball into the machine. It bounces around hitting pegs and other obstacles. No points build up as in pinball, but if a ball lands in one of a few select holes, the player is credited with more balls. After your initial stake of balls is used up you can cash out or continue.

If you cash out the number of balls you won in the last round are converted into money based on how much you bought balls for at the start of the game. If you continue, you are credited with the number of balls you won in the previous round.

Pachinko was created in Japan after World War II and quickly took hold. There are perhaps thousands of Pachinko parlors in Japan. There, it is not a gambling game per se because such diversions are illegal. Players buy the balls used in the game and win more balls if they are lucky as the game goes on. When they cash in they can redeem their balls for "prizes". They can "sell the prizes" for cash upon leaving the parlor.

Online Pachinko

Pachinko is not nearly as popular elsewhere as it is in Japan; but the growing Japanese market for gaming products insures that Pachinko will soon become a feature of online casinos.

Players who are familiar with pinball will quickly notice that there are no flippers to keep a ball in play. Points do not build up. Rather, you play to win more balls. Before the game, you buy as many balls as you want for as little as 2¢. When you decide to quit, you can redeem any remaining balls for the same per ball amount.

The few casinos that offer Pachinko have a page that explains the special features of their particular game. There is usually a shoot button and an auto-shoot button. We don't recommend using auto-shoot when you are playing for real money but it fun to see it in a demo game! If the casino offers a demo game you can go on and easily learn how their game works.

Online Pachinko offers a slots-like feature. If a ball lands in a hole in the center of the game, three reels spin. If a winning combination comes up you receive a large number of balls.

Pachinko is easy to learn, fun to play, and not expensive. If you are even moderately lucky in winning new balls you can play for a very long time for one dollar or less.

Posted by CCJ Team