Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Nearly everyone at some point in their life has used a scratch card. Scratch cards are a great promotional and fundraising enterprise that has penetrated many aspects of society. Scratch cards are sometimes offered in shops as a prize giveaway, inside food packages which might reveal winning codes or in gas stations as a freebie for filling up the tank.

The common denominator of all these different scratch cards is that ultimately the person is taking a gamble on which block to scratch open in order to discover whether their selection is the ‘winner’ or not. While the housewife at the supermarket would not admit that her scratching of a ticket is considered taking a gamble, the truth is that it is.

Scratch cards are great little tickets that can award a person with prizes from $1 to $1 million, holiday packages, cars or a free can of soda. People have developed a natural urge to scratch away and find out whether their choice is the winner. Click for details on the history of scratch cards.

How Scratch Cards Work

Scratch cards, also known as scratch tickets, are generally small pieces of cardboard in the form a ticket. Generally at least one portion of the scratch card is concealed by a latex type substance that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off using a coin, finger nail or similar sharp object.

Scratch cards may have only one portion of the card concealed and then the person does not have a choice of where to scratch – the gamble is in receiving a lucky card. Other scratch cards will have more than one potion covered – one part will reveal a prize or winning code and the others will not. The gamble in these cards is selecting which of the blocks to scratch.

If a person scratches open more than one block or section in a scratch card that has several portions covered, then the card will be deemed invalid and the prize will not be awarded. Once a person has found out that their selection has not successful, however, he has the option of scratching open all the sections to see where he ‘went wrong’.


Scratch cards in the form of an instant winning game were first produced in 1974 by the Dittley Brothers Lottery Division. The first type of scratch card was called “The Instant Game” and was used by the Massachusetts State Lottery as a fundraiser for the local government. Due to its uniqueness and innovativeness, the scratch cards were an immediate hit, especially because instant cash was offered as a prize.

Why are Scratch Cards So Popular?

Scratch cards have spread in popularity since their introduction in the mid 1970s and continue to amuse people all over the world.

  • Cost: For a relatively low cost, players can potentially win much more than they laid out.
  • Availability: Scratch cards are easily available in many commercial centers, gaming parlors, retail outlets and sales booths. They have also been available online in recent years. High availability means that more people are exposed to this fun form of gaming.
  • Simple Fun: Scratch cards are fun, simple and exciting. People are not expected to know the rules of a game, a specific strategy or background before engaging in some scratching fun.
  • Unofficial Gambling: Many people might have an ‘issue’ with gambling and would not enter a casino or play games online. While scratch cards are taking some sort of gamble, they are not viewed as such by many people. They therefore provide a great alternative for those people wanting to chance it.
  • Instant Results – Scratch cards provide instant gratification for people who do not have the patience to hang around and wait for the results of national lotteries.

Scratch Cards for Entertainment

As with many games, scratch cards can be adapted to many different themes and events. Scratch cards with the theme of football statistics can be geared towards sports fans, while scratch cards with a Christmas theme are made available during the holidays. Because of their small size and simple design, scratch cards are produced en masse and fill a very important niche in the alternative entertainment sphere.

Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are a great addition to the family of online games. Due to its simplicity, online scratch cards provide exciting entertainment with fast results for those online players who do not wish to begin learning a new game or strategy. Online scratch cards have been around for a few years and are offered on most online casinos. Players are able to select their level of their bets and how much money they wish to wager and the results are instant – all through a random number generator.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

When beginning to play with online scratch cards, a player will be presented with the option of selecting the size of chip they wish to play with. The player will generally be asked to click up or down to increase or decrease the size of the chip.

The player will then be asked to select the number of coins he wishes to bet and then press start to enter a new game. A new card will appear on the screen and a player will watch as the sections are scratched. Some cards only have one area which is covered, and therefore the player does not have a choice about where to scratch, while other cards will have more than one area covered and the player will tell the computer which section to expose.

If the player’s scratch card reveals a winning code or prize, then the win will appear on the payout schedule and the winnings will be added to the player’s total. If a winning code is not exposed then the game is over and the player has the choice of selecting a new card.

How to Win

Online scratch cards are a straight forward, simple and instant game which provide payouts very quickly. In some scratch card games, the player will win if one specific item is displayed, while other scratch cards will payout if three of the same numbers are exposed. If the number exposed is 20x then the winner will be paid out 20x their bet.


Scratch cards are one of the online casino world’s best kept secret. Most people, when thinking about online games, automatically think of poker or blackjack. Scratch cards, however, a great way for players to have fun and win loads of money instantly, without having to learn the rules, wait for several rounds of play or study tutorials and strategies.

Scratch cards are available both online and offline, with the online version of the game becoming increasingly popular as it is discovered by more and more people.

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