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Much of the focus for the iGaming industry always revolves around software and game development. The most ignored aspects of putting together a viable online casino and getting it operational are the administrative tasks that need to be handled. These tasks include company formation, licensing, accounting, and the development and implementation of a banking network for handling of deposits together with withdrawals at the player level. T&C's apply to all bonus offers on this site. Click for a list of all jurisdictions.

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E-Gambling Montenegro

About E-Gambling Montenegro

With a new website in place, E-Gambling Montenegro is set to begin a new era of providing administrative services for the iGaming industry. This revolutionary concept is designed to take the administrative burden off of the shoulders of new casino owners, who want to focus more on website development and providing its customers with the best games on the market. To that end, E-Gambling Montenegro has put together a full package of services that will help minimize the bureaucracy of setting up a legal iGaming site. The company is located in the beautiful country of Montenegro, a country with a population of about 650,000 people and great architecture, culture and festive tourist destinations.

The Total Solution

There is many facets to setting up an iGaming company that have nothing to do with casino games. While E-Gambling Montenegro advertises itself as one of the newest licensing jurisdictions in the world, they also provide an impressive list of administrative services they can offer to online casino operators as a package priced out on a monthly or annual basis.

Those services include company formation, accounting and bookkeeping, banking and payment processing, licensing and consulting. It should be noted that many of these services are available on an individual basis.

The Services

The following is a description of the services provided in each category.

Company Formation - E-Gambling Montenegro will assist in helping site owners register for a business license within Montenegro's jurisdiction. They will also provide a tax-identification number for the purpose of filing and paying taxes based on current tax regulations. Note: the current corporate and personal tax rates in Montenegro are 9%.

Accounting and Bookkeeping - E-Gambling Montenegro acts as a consultant that refers newly registered companies to local accounting and bookkeeping firms that will aid in the preparation and submission of annual financial reports and tax returns.

Banking and Payment Processing - Through its affiliation with international banking partners, E-Gambling Montenegro is able to assist in the opening of banking relationship for its clients. It is mandatory that any company operating under Montenegro's jurisdiction has to open a local bank account.

Note: the official currency is Euro, but all currencies are accepted. Also, E-Gambling Montenegro has partnerships with payment service providers whose services can be extended to clientele.

Licensing - Working with the Games of Chance Administration (Gambling Authority), E-Gambling Montenegro is able to provide licensing for its clients, who have filed a "cooperation agreement" to have the company act as its representative. Licensing is available for all types of iGaming except lotteries.

Consulting - With years of industry experience, staff members are able to offer free advise related to many issues that arise in the iGaming industry. These services are provided as part of the "all-in-one" package on an effort to make sure everyone in the industry operates on a level playing field.


E-Gambling Montenegro is one of the remote licensing jurisdictions for iGaming operators. They strive to have the client’s company up and running within the shortest time possible, and offer additional services, such as accounting, payments processing, as well as All in One Service Package.

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