Casino Jurisdictions

When choosing an online sports book or casino, it is very important to properly investigate any site that is being given consideration. Gamblers want to consider things like how easy the site is to use, the site's reputation on pay-outs, the quality and number of games/slots offered and, most importantly, is the site fully licensed and regulated.

All over the world, there are many gambling jurisdictions that oversee online gambling sites. Players need to be careful because not all jurisdictions give the protection that one might assume they are going to get. A great example is San Jose. San Jose has long been a favourite destination of casino operators from all over the world. That begs the question why? The answer is that while they offer a so-called "business license" for operators, San Jose does not have a formal Gambling Authority to establish rules and laws. Without rules and laws, customers are left without recourse when disputes arise with gambling sites in that jurisdiction.

21 Jurisdictions

Jurisdiction Details
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Cagayan Economic Zone & Free Port Details
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Curaçao Details
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Estonia Details
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Kahnawake Details
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Judging Gaming Sites by Their Licensing Authority

The Best Jurisdictions

If discretion is the better part of valour, it would be wise for gamblers to choose sites that are registered, licensed and regulated in jurisdictions with long standing Gambling Authorities that have a reputation for enforcing laws and protecting the integrity of the industry.

There are currently four jurisdictions that would have to be considered amongst the best based on the criteria mentioned above. These jurisdictions are Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney and the United Kingdom. All of these jurisdictions have proven to be strong player advocates that perform timely audits, issue quick decisions and actively search out ways to use modern technology for the protection of the industry.

While players will note that many of the top sports books and online casinos are licensed in these jurisdictions, there are a number of rogue site's that will claim to be licensed within one of these jurisdictions as well. But in fact, they are not. If players are unsure, it is incumbent on them to contact the specific jurisdiction and verify the site's licensing.

Good Jurisdictions

The next tier of viable jurisdictions include Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), Kahnawake (Canada) and Malta. These jurisdictions are very popular and have viable Gambling Authorities. However, issues have arisen in the past that warrants due consideration on the part of the player before choosing sites within these jurisdictions.

Avoid Problems

Aside from San Jose mentioned above, other jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Anjouan/Comoros should be treated with caution. Of course, there are many reputable casinos operating out of these jurisdictions. But, it is also true that many of the rogue operators tend to affiliated themselves with these jurisdictions. They simply offer very little in the way of real protection for the players.

With online gambling rising in popularity, it's a good bet that other jurisdictions will pop up in the future. If a player does proper due diligence, there is no reason to expect problems or issues when dealing the most reputable gambling sites located in the most reputable jurisdictions.

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