Bingo: History, How to Play & more

How to Play Bingo

Bingo, essentially a game of chance that involves no skill by players, involves having random numbers selected, with the objective of the player being to match the called numbers to those listed on a bingo card. Bingo cards may differ from game to game, with the patterns needed to be covered pre-determined. However, the main objective of the game stays the same – the first player to cover the numbers to form the pattern and to yell BINGO! is the winner of the game.

The first time we come across bingo in a similar format in the history books is in the mid 1500’s when it was played as a lottery game. The game’s popularity spread across Europe and arrived in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Called Beano in the US, the game was soon discovered by traveling salesman Edwin Lowe, who realized the potential there was to be had in the game and mass marketed it to the American public. It was one of Lowe’s friends who inadvertently renamed the game BINGO.

The introduction of the internet ensured that the game spread across the globe and it is now found at over 2,000 online bingo sites in many languages.

Bingo Card Layout

Bingo Table