Casino War: History, How to Play & more

Casino War

Casino War is one of the easiest and basic games available at online casinos, which is based on a childhood all-time favorite card game known as War.

Most children will remember at one time or another, sitting with friends or siblings and whisking out the cards at a frenzying pace to see whether their next card would beat their opponent or whether there would be a ‘war’.

The simple card game of War which was played by most children has now evolved into an exciting, yet straightforward game played mostly at online casinos.

The cards’ values are based on basic poker card rankings and Aces are high.

The player and dealer are dealt one card each and the point of the game is to get a higher card than the dealer. If a tie occurs, then the fun begins – War!

Development of Casino War

Casino War is accredited to the childhood game that was played in most homes - War. Various different versions of the game have developed over the years and also became popular with adults. A Russian version of War, known as P’yantisa, is played with 36 cards from the pack, while the original childhood version is played with a full pack of 52 cards. The basic game of War was traditionally played with two players, but additional versions of the game have emerged allowing up to four players to partake in a game.

When the land casino industry gained popularity during the mid-late 1900's, War was included into the game line up as a side attraction. Never destined to be one of the casino’s forerunners of entertainment, the game still held its own and attracted a sizeable crowd. With the emergence of the online casino industry in the 1990's, however, Casino War jumped in line as a contender to be included in the online casinos’ games selection. Casino War is a perfect online casino game because it does not require other people to play, it is simple to learn and fast to play.

How to Play

Casino War is a game between a player and a dealer and uses 6 full decks of cards. Each player is dealt one card and the player with the highest valued card wins. The cards are ranked in the order of poker cards, with Ace being the highest, followed by King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine etc. If the cards turned by the dealer and the player are the same, then a War occurs, in which bets are increased, more cards are turned and the ultimate winner takes the entire pot.

The Betting Process

Casino War begins with players placing the initial bet known as the ante bet, without which the game cannot begin. Once the ante has been placed, the cards are dealt and the dealer and player receive one card each. The player with the highest ranking card is the winner.

If a tie bet has been placed, then the player will win 10:1. If the no tie bet has been placed, and the hands tie, then the player can choose to either surrender his bet and lose half of the wager, or he can raise. Raising the bet involves placing an equaled value wager as the ante, after which the dealer burns three cards and the fourth and fifth cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. Again, the player with the highest card wins.

The Different Types of Bets

There are three different types of bets in Casino War:

  • The Ante Bet – The ante bet is a wager on the outcome of the two cards, that the player’s card will be higher than the dealer’s. If the player’s card value tops the dealer’s card value, then he wins and is paid 1:1.
  • The Tie Bet – This bet is placed on the prediction that the dealer and player will have the same value cards, and is generally considered to be a side bet. An ante bet has to first be placed before a tie bet can be placed, but the tie bet can differ in value to the ante bet. If the dealer and player’s cards are the same, the tie bet pays out 10:1.
  • The Raise Bet – If the first hand is a tie, then the player has the option to raise. A raise bet involves placing an equal value wager as the ante and the dealer burns three cards before placing the fourth and fifth cards before the player and dealer. This stage of the game is known as the War.

The Odds of Winning

  • If no tie bet has been placed and a player’s hand wins, then he will be paid out 1:1.
  • If no tie bet has been placed and the hands tie, then the player has the chance to raise. If he raises and wins, then he will be paid out even money (1:1) for the combination of the original ante and raise bets.
  • If there is a tie, but no tie bet has been placed and the player surrenders, he will be paid back half of his ante bet.
  • If there is a tie, but no tie bet has been placed and the player decides to raise, and there is a tie again, then the player stands in line to win the “Ante Bonus”. This bonus equals to twice the ante plus the original ante and the raise.
  • If a tie bet was placed and the player wins the hand, he will win 1:1.
  • If a tie bet was placed and a tie ensues, but the player loses on the second hand, he will only win the tie bet at 10:1.
  • If a tie bet is placed and there is a tie, as well as the player winning the second hand, he will win the 10:1 tie bet and the 1:1 ante bet.
  • If a tie bet was placed and there is a tie in both the first and second rounds, then the player wins 10:1 on the tie bet, plus the original tie bet, plus the ante bonus, plus the raise.

Casino War Tips

  • If there is no tie, then there is a clear 50% chance of either the dealer or the playing winning the round. If, however, there is a tie, then the casino gains an edge over the player.
  • A player should make sure that they understand how the different payouts work and that they understand the amounts that can be won from each stage of betting. This knowledge will maximize a player’s winning potential, as he will think about the benefits of each bet before placing it.
  • Having a realistic bankroll and managing it correctly means that players are able to relax and enjoy the game without having the worry of betting with and losing money which is not ‘spare’. The trick of a successful bankroll is to play with money that one can afford to lose and never to play with money that is not one’s own.
  • It used to be thought that card counting could work in the land based casinos during a game of Casino War, but it should be remembered that this will not work in the online casino setting. A player should not waste his energies trying.


Going up against the dealer and betting on whose card is higher is one of the least complicated bets available in the casino world. The option of betting on a tie bet with a great payout of 10:1 is another reason Casino War is such a great game. The simple pastime that was much-loved by many a child has developed into an exciting game which is a refreshing break from the usual card games found in a casino’s line up. For those adults who did not have the privilege of playing War when they were kids, Casino War is available to relive a part of one’s childhood.

Posted by CCJ Team