Craps: History, How to Play & more


Craps is a casino dice game which is played at a casino table with up to twenty players. There are a few different beliefs when it comes to where Craps originated. The first is it was developed from an Old English game called Hazard. The second is it originated from the French game of Crabes. The third is that the game was played in a simpler form by Roman soldiers. Craps entails players betting money against the casino on the outcome of the rolls on two dice.

In the land-based form, craps is a very social and rowdy game which much yelling and cheers around the table. Despite the aura of mayhem, excitement and relaxed camaraderie, there is a very strict code of etiquette that is practiced around the craps table.

The basics of craps are really simple but there are numerous types of bets which a player needs to understand in order to master the game. Once the differences between the various bets have been internalized, a player will be ready to roll.

Craps Table Layout

Craps Table
  • APass Line Bet
  • BDon't Pass Line Bet
  • COdds Bet
  • DOdds Bet
  • EDon't Come Bet
  • FField Bet
  • GPlace Bet
  • HDon't Come Buy Bet
  • IDo Come Buy Bet
  • JBig 6 & Big 8
  • KHardway Bets
  • LAny Craps Bet
  • MCraps 2 Bet
  • NCraps 12 Bet
  • OCraps 3 Bet
  • PEleven Bet
  • QAny Seven Bet
  • RHorn Bet
  • SC & E Bet