Poker Pursuit: How to Play & more

How to Play Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a variant of traditional poker that is actually fairly similar to the old favorite game Five Card Stud. Essentially the game is about minimizing your potential losses while attempting to maximize your winnings. To do this successfully, you will need a special combination of good luck, skill and strategy.

A healthy dose of unbridled intuition certainly doesn’t hurt either. Drawing on so many different factors is what makes poker pursuit interesting. It is a great challenge for gamblers who are poker fans but are looking for a bit of a change of pace from their usual poker games. Poker Pursuit games are available to play online in a number of Internet based casinos.

Rules of Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is played with a standard 52 card deck of playing cards, and all cards are assigned the same values as in a traditional poker game. In each round, the player is dealt a hand of 3 cards, face up, to begin with. His challenge is to build a high ranking hand – a pair of 10's at the very least. The round is divided into 3 stages. It begins with the player choosing the size of bet that he wants to place.

Once that is settled, he needs to click “Deal” to start the actual game. After looking at his cards, the player must make up his mind to “Raise” (add a coin to the initial bet) or “Call” (leave the bet as it is). Then a 4th card is dealt, again face up. The player decides whether to call or raise based on the newly re-formed hand, whereupon the final, 5th, card is dealt.

Winning at Poker Pursuit

Any wins at Poker Pursuit are calculated on the hand including the 4th and 5th cards. Winning combinations include a pair of 10s or better, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, a straight, a flush, full house, 4 of a kind, a straight flush or a royal flush. Your casino’s pay table will spell out the odds to be paid for each of these desirable hands, usually starting at 1:1 for a pair and moving up the scale to 999:1 for a royal flush.

These odds are applied to the total bet, which is why it’s important to raise before the 4th and 5th cards if you have a promising looking hand. A poor hand, without anything even as high as a pair of 10s, loses, and the bets attached to it go to the house.

Poker Pursuit Strategy

Since no decisions need to be made about whether to draw additional cards in Poker Pursuit – unlike in a regular poker game – player strategy needs to be dependent on choosing when and how much to wager. The first wager, before any cards are dealt, should be determined by the player’s budget together with his level of self confidence.

After the initial deal, if the player happens to be holding a strong hand, it is suggested for the player to go ahead and raise. If his hand already qualifies as a winner (for example, it includes a pair of 10s or other high cards), the players is advised to bet the max. Otherwise, it’s preferable for the player to stand and wait to see what will come up.

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