Red Dog Poker: How to Play & more

Red Dog Poker

Despite the name of the game, Red Dog Poker is probably the most far-removed game that exists in the poker family. The game is played with only three cards on a blackjack type table and the only resemblance to poker it has, is some of its hand rankings. However, Red Dog Poker is a fun, fast and easy game that is quite popular in many land casinos, and also online.

Red Dog Poker has become even more of an attraction in the past decade due to its exposure in the online form. Online casinos are constantly looking to add new games to their line up and have dug out games that were not previously popular and transformed them into hits. Red Dog Poker is one such game that was very easy to duplicate in the online form, and has thus seen a rise in popularity.

Red Dog Poker Set-Up

Red Dog is also known as Acey-Deucy or In-Between and is a casino card game played on a blackjack sized table. The table is marked with two betting spots called ‘Bet’ and ‘Raise” and is played with up to five decks of cards in a shoe. Red Dog can be played by as many players as necessary because all players win or lose simultaneously.

Object of Red Dog

The object of Red Dog is to guess whether the value of the third drawn card falls between the value of the first two drawn cards. The value of the cards from 2-10 are their face value, Jack counts 11, Queen counts 12, King counts 13 and Ace counts 14. Bets are made on the predicted value of the third card and also on the spread value between the cards.

Betting on Red Dog Poker

A player begins by placing an opening bet. The different limits of the types of bets are generally determined by the house and will be made available to the bettor before the commencement of play. Once the opening bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards, placing one on the left and one on the right, face up.

The player now has to place a second bet on the likelihood that the third card to be dealt will be in between the ranks of the first two dealt cards. In Red Dog Poker, the cards’ suits are irrelevant and only the rank counts. If the first two cards that were dealt were a 3 and 9 then the player will be betting that the next card to be dealt will be valued 4-8. If the third card is not valued 4-8, the player loses.

There are three possible outcomes in Red Dog Poker:

Pair Hand: A pair hand occurs when two cards of the same rank are dealt. When this happens, the dealer automatically deals a third card. If the value of the third dealt card is the same as the first two cards, then the player is paid out 11:1. If the value of the third card is different than the previous two cards, then it is declared a push hand and the player’s wager is refunded.

Consecutive Hand: When the two dealt cards are consecutive to one another (5 and 6; Jack and Queen) this is known as a consecutive hand. When this occurs, the dealer does not draw a third card and the hand is declared a push – the player’s wager is refunded.

Non-Consecutive Hand: When the dealer deals two cards that are not consecutive and not the same, this is known as a non-consecutive hand. The dealer announces the spread of the cards and generally a Red Dog is placed on the table to indicate the spread. The spread refers to the value of the difference between the two dealt cards. For example if the dealt cards are 3 and 9 then the spread is 5 (4,5,6,7,8).

Once the spread has been announced, the player has the option of raise their wager, equal to the amount of their original bet. This bet must be placed prior to the third card being dealt. Players also have the option of standing on their original wager. A player wins if the value of the third card falls between the values of the two cards drawn by the dealer. If the third card is higher, lower or the same rank as either of the first two cards, then the bet is lost.

Red Dog Poker Payout Table

Spread Between the Cards Payout
1 5:1
2 4:1
3 2:1
4-11 1:1
Consecutive Push (money refunded)
Pair Push (money refunded)
Three of a Kind 11:1

Red Dog Poker Strategy

The house edge in Red Dog Poker is 2.8%. Due to the nature of the game, there is very little strategy that a player can use. Red Dog is a game of chance, with only one betting round and three cards involved, so there is not much movement for creative thinking and tactics.

One tactic that could be used in Red Dog Poker is deciding whether to place an additional bet before the dealing of the third card. A simple mathematical calculation indicates that it is not advisable to place an additional wager on a spread which is below seven because this has a negative expectation. On the converse, it is recommended to place an additional wager on a spread which is over seven is a good idea because a slight advantage could be gained.

The odds of winning on a spread of seven or higher are 54%, while the chance of winning on a spread of eleven is as high as 84%.


Red Dog Poker is a very fast and exciting game which is popular at online casinos due to its simplicity. Bearing not much similarity to poker, except for its name, Red Dog does not demand any strategy but rather much more luck. Red Dog Poker can be practiced at online casinos for free and in no time a player will be able to challenge their luck on the outcome of the third card and the betting spread. Good luck!

Posted by CCJ Team