Scratch Cards: History, How to Play & more

Scratch Cards

Nearly everyone at some point in their life has used a scratch card. Scratch cards are a great promotional and fundraising enterprise that has penetrated many aspects of society. Scratch cards are sometimes offered in shops as a prize giveaway, inside food packages which might reveal winning codes or in gas stations as a freebie for filling up the tank.

The common denominator of all these different scratch cards is that ultimately the person is taking a gamble on which block to scratch open in order to discover whether their selection is the ‘winner’ or not. While the housewife at the supermarket would not admit that her scratching of a ticket is considered taking a gamble, the truth is that it is.

Scratch cards are great little tickets that can award a person with prizes from $1 to $1 million, holiday packages, cars or a free can of soda. People have developed a natural urge to scratch away and find out whether their choice is the winner.

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