Tequila Poker: History, How to Play & more

How to Play Tequila Poker

Tequila poker combines elements of two popular card games – poker and blackjack – into a quick to play, one man game. While the name makes it sound as if the game was brewed up late one evening in a cantina on the Mexican border, apparently tequila poker was actually invented by a developer at Playtech, the casino software producer.

Launched in 2005, the game is offered only at online casinos. Like other poker variants, tequila poker is growing in popularity. It is based on a challenging mixture of luck, guesswork and strategy as the player tries to assemble the best hand. There are two variants within the same game – Tequila Poker and High Tequila.

Rules of Tequila Poker

Tequila poker is a game for a single player, who begins by placing an Ante bet. He is then dealt 4 cards, face up, from a standard deck. After looking at this card, the player decides on one of 3 options. One, he may choose to fold, and lose his Ante bet.

Two, he can opt to play Tequila Poker, trying to assemble a winning poker hand. Or three, he can decide to play High Tequila, that is, attempt to put together a high point value hand. Both the 2nd and the 3rd options require that he place an additional wager, equal in value to the Ante bet; he will then receive 2 more cards, for a hand totaling 6 cards altogether.

Winning at Tequila Poker

To calculate whether a player has won at either variant of Tequila Poker, only the best 5 out of the 6 cards in his hand are taken into consideration. A Tequila Poker hand is ranked according to traditional poker rules, and must contain a pair of Aces or better to win. However, High Tequila uses the following point system: an Ace counts as 11, royalty are 10 and the remaining cards are counted at their face value.

In High Tequila, a hand must have a value of 46 or better to win. If you have a winning hand, you will receive even money on your Ante bet, while your hand will be paid out at odds ranging from 1:1 up to a maximum of 200:1, for a royal flush or a point value of 54, depending on the game chosen.

Tequila Poker Strategy

Although tequila poker is a very new game, gambling fans have been hard at work, devising strategies to even the odds and increase your chances of winning. The basic strategy goes like this: Choose the Tequila Poker option if your initial 4 cards contain a pair or the makings of a straight or flush.

Go for High Tequila if your initial 4 cards add up to a total of 28 or greater. If neither of these 2 scenarios holds true, then folding and losing just your original ante is the best course of action. Never be afraid to fold in tequila poker if you have an obviously weak hand. By following these suggestions you can reduce the house edge and give yourself a chance at winning.

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