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When casino gambling became legal in Las Vegas it quickly became the rage. People from all over the world flocked to Vegas.

Decades later, casino gambling spread, in the U.S. first to Atlantic City, then to Indian reservations, offshore gambling ships, and finally to many localities around the country.  Internationally, casino gambling is legal in many places.

In the 1990's, with the advent of the internet, online gambling took off. Players no longer needed to travel to a casino. They could gamble from the comfort of their homes. And they could play several games at once.

Now the technology for mobile casinos is here. Quite literally, the casino is at your fingertips. Not only are cell phones and tablets powerful enough to support the casino's software; not only does everyone have a cell phone; but millions have smartphones and tablets with superior graphics and larger, clearer screens. In a sense the casino is merely one of many apps we put on our phones and tablets.

Mobile gaming began in 2003 with Cryptologic (now Amaya Gaming) software for cell phones with internet access. Wild predictions of tens of billions of revenues from mobile gaming by the end of the decade were made.  However, the turmoil in the US online gaming industry hurt the overall growth of mobile gaming. Nevertheless, mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar segment of the online gaming industry.


Android is a cellular operating system based on Linux software. It was bought by Google in 2005 and the first smartphones using Android software was brought to market in 2008.

At first, many observers thought that Google had miscalculated the value of Android technology. Reality has disproven this thinking as many online casinos now provide Android-compatible platforms and Android software is the second leading mobile casino software trailing only iphone. Android is the world leader in mobile platform technology so it is only a matter of time before it surpasses iphone in the mobile casino market.


Blackberry was introduced in 1999 primarily for sending and receiving email and instant messenger. The term smartphone was first used in reference to the Blackberry. It is also renowned for its security system, a matter of great importance to mobile casino players.


This platform was introduced as a smartphone in 2003. It has been improved many times in the intervening decade.  Although it is not as popular as the Apple products, Blackberry, or Android, it provides good quality mobile gaming.


This smartphone was introduced in 2007. In only five years it has been improved five times making the iphone 5 the sixth generation of iPhone. The iPhone is so powerful and has so many applications that many people feel that even Apple underestimated its broad range of use. It has become a mobile computer of great power, speed and clarity.

Recent generations have larger, clearer screens and faster hardware making it ever more popular among mobile gamblers.


While the iPod is known mostly as a media player, gamers can download casino software and access their favorite casino.


The iPad was introduced only in 2010 and is already in its fourth generation. It gave us a new word: tablet. A tablet is basically a portable, hand-held computer. The iPad has a 10 inch high-definition screen that provides great visuals for the mobile gamer. The graphics are state-of-the-art and will only get better with time. Because it was designed to be a computer, its casino functions are faster than the iphone or ipod.

There are already over 100 million iPads in the market. The next leading tablet, but far behind the iPad, is the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Mobile Casinos

The great over-riding advantage of mobile casinos is convenience. Our world is oriented to ever more convenience.

Mobile will surely continue to grow rapidly as more casinos offer mobile gambling, as the mobile technology continues to improve, and as more consumers switch from dinosaur mobile devices to modern, sleek tablets and smartphones.

The one disadvantage of mobile gaming is the size of the screen. As mobile graphics improve so do graphics on larger screens.

When you can play on your 50 inch screen you will do so, relegating your mobile gaming to secondary status.


All-in-all, mobile gaming is a fast growing niche in the online casino industry. Its convenience makes it the perfect way to spend a few minutes or more in the middle of your hectic schedule.

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