Poker Tells

Poker Tells

It might seem silly to talk about online poker tells. Poker tells in live poker are mostly visual so how can you see them online? Nevertheless, there are a number of online tells you should be aware of.

Of course, a really savvy player could use these tells to fool you. But that's always the case in poker. Bluffing and reverse psychology are part of the game.

Learning the few online tells will also help you to improve by eliminating them from your own game!

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Time to Make a Decision

Online poker rooms offer you the option of choosing to "call any" bet, "raise any" bet, or "fold any" bet. If your opponent has pushed one of these buttons, it usually means that s/he is distracted. You don't know what they're doing but they are certainly not concentrating on the game.

If s/he hits the "raise any" button on that hand it could also mean they feel that they have the strongest hand. Your continuous observation of their betting behavior will help you here.

Poker experts advise new players to try to put themselves on the clock, meaning to take the same number of seconds for all their betting decisions. This clearly will make your betting behavior difficult to read.

When a player takes longer than usual to decide what to do, it often means that s/he is thinking but it might also be a ploy to decrease the value of their hand in your eyes.


Some players don't realize how much information they give away in the chat box. A player who chats incessantly doesn't know what s/he's doing. They are often new players. They're concentrating on talking not playing.

Many online players don't like to open their chat box. If you are like that, and find yourself in a game with a player making bad decisions, open your chat box. You may find valuable information there.

Sometimes a player will chat about the game at another table s/he is playing at. This tells you that they are not fully concentrated on your game.

Some fish will write things like "This is so much fun!" They are having a good time and won't get upset if you take their money.

Folding Behavior

A new player will often fold when s/he could check. It's considered rude in some circles but is a great tell revealing a seriously new player.

When a player folds late in the hand it might mean that they were bluffing but prefer to muck their cards rather than show them to you.


As with everything else in poker, learning to read online tells will be a constant work in progress. It takes a lot of time and perseverance but, if you want to win consistently, you have to become skilled at reading them.

Posted by CCJ Team