Poker Freeroll

Poker Freeroll

The term ‘freeroll’ poker refers to two possible situations in a poker game – a freeroll poker hand and a freeroll poker tournament.

The main use of the term refers to a tournament in which cash and prizes are offered to the winners but there is no entrance fee.

Freeroll tournaments are a great way for online poker rooms to promote new features or attract new players and they are also a golden opportunity for new players to get some tournament experience without having too many overheads.

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What is a Freeroll Poker Hand?

A freeroll poker hand refers to a situation when two players are drawing for the possibility of winning the whole pot, but where one player’s hand is tied with another player who has no chance of winning the pot. This usually occurs when only two players remain in the game and before the last card has been dealt. One player is generally guaranteed to at least split the pot with the other player, but there is a slight chance, if a certain card is dealt, that he will take the entire pot.

If a player is aware of the fact that he has a freeroll, he can raise the pot with no risk at all. The problem occurs when the other player does not realize that his opponent has a freeroll hand and continues to raise, even though he has no hope of a gain

What is a Freeroll Poker Tournament?

A freeroll tournament is used to describe a tournament that does not require a specific entrance fee, but will essentially require some sort of payment, usually in the form of points or credits. The tournament does not cost a player cash to enter, but the player stands in line of winning cash prizes, like in regular tournaments. The prize pool is not an accumulation of entry fees like in regular tournaments, but is rather a donation from the house, sponsorship fees or admission charged to spectators.

Why do Poker Rooms Offer Freeroll Tournaments?

Not all poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments but those who do offer them, do so for specific reasons. Some casinos and poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to players in order to attract them to sample out some new software with the intention of grabbing their attention and in the hope that they will sign up for real money accounts. Some poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to encourage new visitors to their sites to try out new games. Some freeroll tournaments however, are not open to the general gambling public, but only to regular members of a specific poker room to reward them for their loyalty.

Who Qualifies for Freeroll Tournaments?

Freeroll tournaments that are only opened to specific players require frequent players to use bonus or membership type points to qualify. Players earn these points when they play real money games and amass points whenever they make real money deposits. Players should read the poker rooms’ policy for gaining entrance to these tournaments and know where they stand. Players might have to have played a specific number of hands in order to qualify, and others might receive a personal invitation from the poker room for being a high roller. Some of the top prizes in these freeroll tournaments can even end up with a player gaining a seat in the World Series of Poker or other major tournaments.

How Can a Player Gain Points?

Poker Freeroll

Most freeroll tournaments require some sort of payment in the form of points in order to qualify, but how does a player acquire these points? Players accumulate these points when playing in cash games, pay-in tournaments and multi-player tournaments. The points gained from these games can either be used as actual playing cash, for redeeming prizes, or as entrance fee into the several freeroll tournaments available online.

Experienced players know that these points are rewarded for each raked hand of play, so they tend to focus on heads-up or shorthanded games, and not the full-table games. The tempo of the heads-up and shorthanded games is much quicker, therefore allowing the accumulation of more points at a faster rate. Higher limit tables will probably also play a faster game than smaller limit games; as well as single pot games over split pot games.

How Does a Player Benefit from Freeroll Tournaments?

With poker being such a hot game and millions of people enjoying the game every year, there is a lot of money floating around the poker industry. Tournaments are a way for sponsors and poker rooms to share their wealth and prize money can often reach 6-digit figures! When choosing a poker room, players should find out what tournaments are on offer, what the entrance requirements are and what the hidden ‘costs’ are. Freeroll tournaments are also a wonderful way for new players to increase their bankroll and to experience tournament play. The more tournaments that a player enters, the more invitations he will receive in the future.

How Does a Player Sign-Up?

When freerolls are open to the playing public, the sign-up process is quite simple. Players will have to enter the poker room’s website, install the software and locate the ‘tournament’ tab. The list of scheduled tournaments should be examined and the players should find the $0 buy-ins. Once a suitable tournament has been located, the player should signup.

When freerolls are only offered to a specific client group, there are some extra signup steps. Players will either receive an invitation, or a general announcement will be placed on the poker room’s website stating that players with a certain amount of points will be able to register for the tournament.


Freeroll poker is a great way for new players to enter the world of tournaments. By amassing points from playing at real money games, players are able to receive a double benefit from their hours put in at the casino. Casinos are also very aware of the potential of new players to sign up to their sites after playing in the tournaments and therefore freeroll tournaments are mutually beneficial.

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