Poker Hand Rankings

Poker Hand Rankings

Below are examples of poker hand rankings along with full descriptions of the types of poker hands like a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and more.

Looking for the nicknames of single cards or pairs? We have them all listed here too.

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Poker Hand Ranking Chart

Poker Hand Rankings

Poker Hand Rankings Descriptions

Hand Description
Royal Flush A straight flush involving Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace
Straight Flush Five sequential cards of the same suit with the high card being less than an ace
Four of a Kind Four cards with the same value
Full House Three cards of the same value and a separate pair of cards of the same value
Flush Five cards of the same suit
Straight Five cards with sequential values (cards of any suits)
Three of a Kind Three cards with the same value
Two Pair Two separate pairs of cards with the same value
Pair Two cards of the same value
High Card No other combination, the value of the highest card wins

Individual Card Nicknames

Card Nickname
Ace Bullet, One-Spot, Rocket or Sharp Top
King Cowboy, K-Boy or Knight
Queen Cowgirl, Dame, Girl, Hen or Lady
Jack Boy, Bower, Fishook, Hook, J-Boy or Knave
10 Dime or Sawbuck
9 Neener or Niner
8 8-Land, Fat Lady, Ocho or Snowman
7 Candy Cane, Hockey Stick or Mullet
6 Boot
5 Five-Spot or Nickel
4 Boat, Broken Ace, Four-Spot, One Legged Ace, Sailboat or Sharp Top
3 Butt, Crab or Trey
2 Deuce, Dewey, Duck or Swan

Paired Hand Nicknames

Cards Nickname
AA Alan Alda, American Airlines, Bullets, Eyes, Needles, Pocket Rockets, Rockets, Rocky Mountains, Sharp Tops or Teepees
KK Ace Magnets, Cowboys, Gorillas, King Kong, Kangaroos, Knights or Krispy Kreme
QQ Calamity Jane or Ladies
JJ Brothers, Fishooks, Hooks, Jaybirds or Jokers
TT Audi, Binary, Dimes, Dynamite, Tension or TNT
99 Barbara Feldon, German Virgin, Phil Hellmuth, Popeyes, Pothooks or Wayne Gretzky
88 Dawg/Doggie Balls, Lacey, Piano Keys, Pretzels, Racetracks, Snowmen, Time Travel, Two Fat Ladies
77 Axes, Candy Canes, Hockey Sticks, Mullets, Sunset Strip or Walking Sticks
66 Boots, Cherries, Kicks or Route 66
55 Nickels, Presto, Snakes or Speed Limit
44 Luke Skywalker, Magnum or Sailboats
33 Crabs or Treys
22 Dueces, Ducks, Pocket Swans, Quack Quack or Swans

Unpaired Hand Nicknames

Cards Nickname
AK Anna Kournikova, Big Slick (offsuit), Big Slick in a Suit (suited), Big Ugly (offsuit), Kalashnikov or Walking Back to Houston
AQ Anthony & Cleopatra, Big Chick, Doyle Brunson, Little Slick or Mrs Slick
AJ Ajax, Apple Jacks, Armani Jeans, Blackjack, Jackass, Hijack or Trapasso
AT Bookends or Johnny Moss
A9 Gimp Hand, Jesus or Rounders Hand
A8 Asterix & Obelix or Dead Man's Hand
A7 Slapshot or The Sonnert
A6 Mile High Club or Tennessee Ernie Ford
A5 High Five
A4 Plane Crash, Stu Ungar or Transvestite
A3 Ashtray, Baskin-Robbins or Thrace
A2 Acey-Deucy, Hunting Season or Little Slick
KQ Divorce (suited and if it loses), Ferdinand & Isabella, King of Queens, Lucy & Ricky, Marriage (suited and if it wins), Mixed Marriage (offsuit), Othello (offsuit), Royal Couple or Valentine's Day (both hearts)
KJ Bachelor's Hand (offsuit), Bill Fillmaff (offsuit), Harry Potter, Jackie Kennedy, Joking, John King, Kojak, Starsky & Hutch or Tucson Monster
KT Big Al, Ike Turner, Katie, Ken or Woodcutter
K9 Bow Wow, Canine, Dogs, Fido, Mongrel (offsuit), Mutt (offsuit), Pedigree (suited), Rin Tin Tin, Sawmill, The Doctor Who or What a Dog
K8 Feast, Kate or Kokomo
K7 Columbia River or Kevin
K6 Kicks
K5 Knives or Seattle Special
K4 Core, Fork (suited), Fork Off (offsuit) or Oppression of the Masses
K3 Alaska Hand, Commander Crab, King Crab or Sizzler
K2 Big Fritz (suited), Donald or The Zepik
QJ Hawaii, JQuery, Maverick, Oedipus, Pinichle or Quack
QT Cutie, Goolsby, Q-Tip, Quint, Robert Varkonyi, Tarantino or Tina Turner
Q9 Quinine
Q8 Fat Ally (offsuit) or Kuwait
Q7 Computer Hand (offsuit)
Q5 Granny Mae (both spades)
Q4 Housework
Q3 Gay Waiter, San Francisco Busboy or Windsor Waiter
Q2 Daisy or Queen Liz
JT John Terry or Justin Timberlake
J9 Braggars or TJ Clouter (both spades)
J8 Jacket
J7 Jack Daniels
J6 Railroad
J5 Jackson Five or Motown
J4 Austin Squatty, Flat Tire , Kid Grenade or The New Motown
J3 J-Lo or Lumberjack
J2 Heckle & Jeckle or Jack Shit
T9 Countdown or Mobile Hand
T8 Tetris
T7 Bowling Hand, Daniel Negreanu (suited) or Split
T6 Sweet Sixteen
T5 Dime Store, Five & Dime, Merfs or Woodworths
T4 Broderick Crawford, CB, Convoy, Good Buddy, Over & Out, Roger That, The Trucker or Truckers Hand
T3 Fast Connection or Hot Waitress
T2 Doyle Brunson, Terminator 2, Texas Dolly or Whirlygig
98 Oldsmobile
97 Persian Carpet Ride
96 Big Lick, Big Love, Breakfast of Champions, Dinner for Two, Good Lover, Happy Meal, Jaka Subic, Joe Bernstein, Percy (offsuit), Prom Night (suited) or The Dirty
95 Betty Hutton, Dolly Parton and Hard Working Man
94 Joe Montana, Lost World Series or San Francisco
93 Jack Benny
92 Montana Banana or Twiggy
87 RPM or Tahoe
86 Eubie, Henry Bowen, Jajr, Maxwell Smart, Pacheco Nuts (offsuit), Pooch or Rick James
85 Chad or The Hamilton
84 Big Brother or Orwell
83 Most Feared Hand in Hold'em or Raquel Welch
82 Tadpole
76 Trombones or Union Oil
75 007 (both spades), Assault Rifle, Heinz, Pickle Man or Vietnamese Slick
74 Cambodia Slick (offsuit), Double Down, Ghost Dog or Kalashnicov
73 Dutch Waiter, Joe Hachem or Swedish Busboy
72 Beer Hand (offsuit), Hammer (offsuit), Jeremy Beadle or W.H.I.P. (offsuit)
65 Buss Pass or Ken Warren
64 Arlo, Billion Dollar Hand or Gilchrist
63 Blocky, Jimmy Summerfield (offsuit) or Spanish Inquisition
62 Aimsworth
54 Colt 45, Jesse James or Moneymaker
53 Bully Johnson or Juggernaut
52 Bomber, Pick-Up, Quarter, Safari or Two Bits
43 Books or Waltz
42 Jack Bauer, Lumberman's Hand, The Answer or The Principle
32 Can of Corn, Crubs (both clubs), Hooter Hand (suited), Little Pete, Michael Jordan, Polish Big Slick or The Low Nut